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In many (most/all?) countries there are more male teenage prostitutes than female teenage prostitutes. No one seems to know this, no one seems to care and no one advocates using resources to help them as opposed to the female teenage prostitutes NOVA, a research institute under the auspices […]

What Actually Causes Homosexuality?

by Kathy Belge What causes homosexuality? There has been much debate about what causes homosexuality. Is there a gay gene? Is homosexuality caused by environmental factors, such as upbringing, child molestation, an absent mother or affectionate father? Or is it something we’re born with, an inherited trait, like […]

The next stage involves going public in some way, of "coming out of the closet". Who you tell next is really up to you. You may decide to tell your best friend or a member of your family.

How to? Coming Out

Who you tell next is really up to you. You may decide to tell your best friend or a member of your family. Remember, once you have told someone about your sexuality it can become known to others within a short period. This is human nature and there […]

Are Gay Sports Clubs Really a Thing?

Gareth Johnson Journalist. Writer. Author. G-TV is on… You probably haven’t heard of IGLA — the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics association. I certainly hadn’t until I joined a gay water polo club. What IGLA does is coordinate an annual championship for the world’s LGBT aquatics clubs. Professional run and […]

Gay Themed Advertising

The Australian shoe advert that’s upset Christian opponents of marriage equality ‘We’re young and we’re rooting for change … so don’t tell us who to love’ by David Hudson Fashion label Volley has prompted outrage among Christian organizations in Australia who are opposed to any change in the […]

Is Bad Sex a Deal-breaker?

You’ve probably done it; you’re driving home late at night feeling disappointed – or worse.. Maybe you’re pounding the steering wheel and shouting at yourself. You just finished sex with someone and you’re sorry you did it. You know the bumper sticker that says that the worst day […]

History – Rent Boys – UK 1885-1957 – Part 1

  Jonathan Coleman University of Kentucky, jonathan.coleman@uky.edu   ABSTRACT OF DISSERTATION RENT: SAME-SEX PROSTITUTION IN MODERN BRITAIN, 1885-1957 Rent: Same-Sex Prostitution in Modern Britain, 1885-1957 chronicles the concept of “rent boys” and the men who purchased their services. This dissertation demonstrates how queer identity in Britain, until contemporary […]