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Film – Front Cover

  Unlikely gaysian romance   ‘Front Cover’ Reel Affirmations HRC Equality Center 1640 Rhode Island Ave., N.W. “Front Cover” is a love story of a different kind. Depictions of complex LGBT or Asian characters in film is unusual and depictions of LGBT/queer Asians and Asian Americans is rare; […]

Film – Chemsex

Vancouver Queer Film Festival screens film on London’s gay sex and drugs scene   Devon Delacroix Whether in bathhouses or back alleys, dance floors or dark rooms, gay sex is frequently intertwined with drug use. From standard mood enhancers like alcohol, pot and poppers, to harder drugs like […]

Coming out

Fri, 29 April 2016 Audrey Wilson and Vandy Muong Film places ‘lady-boys’ at the fore   Filmmaker Sok Visal’s new feature flips the script on traditional portrayals of LGBT characters in Cambodian cinema. Not because of some rights agenda, he says, but just to tell a human – […]