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Film – Front Cover


  Unlikely gaysian romance   ‘Front Cover’ Reel Affirmations HRC Equality Center 1640 Rhode Island Ave., N.W. “Front Cover” is a love story of a [...]

Film – Chemsex


Vancouver Queer Film Festival screens film on London’s gay sex and drugs scene   Devon Delacroix Whether in bathhouses or back alleys, dance floors or dark rooms, gay [...]

Coming out


Fri, 29 April 2016 Audrey Wilson and Vandy Muong Film places ‘lady-boys’ at the fore   Filmmaker Sok Visal’s new feature flips the script on traditional portrayals [...]

Gay Short Film – Wastelands

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Marc is in love with Olaf and dreams about a relationship with him. When they go camping together and his dream seems to become reality, he discovers something that smashes [...]