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Sweet Asian Zing!

byrodneysteele41© After graduating, I took on a position as an instructor’s aid during my graduate studies year. I was amazed at how many young students not only sought out my assistance, but several even sought out my bed. One of these young men was Japanese-born Kyoshi Yuzuki. Kyo, […]

“The Kimono”

9:30 pm – It was a late call but it was that or eat alone again and watch a re-run of the Office. A house in Rosedale. I ring the door bell, I’m a little uncomfortable with the 25 lb. massage table strapped on my back. He was… […]

Blonde – Cute & Hot

Blonde people are less and less numerous on the planet. The blend between men and women of different origins are nos more frequent with the globalization and the emigration. The result being a generation of people with brown hair. Europe Originally blond hair people often paired with blue […]