Cambodia is becoming one of the most popular and well-loved travel destinations for LGBT people in Asia. Gay travellers are welcoming in Cambodia and because the culture is predominantly Buddhist, … Source: Gay Travel in Cambodia

From Bangkok to Macau   I must admit that my preference when traveling is urban environment rather than isolated tourist resorts. Cities provide a landscape where it often feels like the world converges: a place that brings together people from all over the state, region, country or even the world, […]

  We are gay couple – Richard and Alex and we have spent 5 years in Siem Reap Cambodia. During that time we owned and operated our guest-house and had quite many gay guests. We also traveled through the region (South East Asia) and we strongly suggest to any gay […]

  Visiting new places is always exciting but it could be confusing as well. There is a lots of old and outdated information floating on Internet and relying on it could be disappointing – we have found “information” that ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) are not available in Cambodia, exchanged our […]

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