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Gay erotica

Homosexuality and Theravada Buddhism


by A. L. De Silva Buddhism teaches to, and expects from, its followers a certain level of ethical behaviour. The minimum that is required of the lay Buddhist is embodied in [...]

Is He Worth a Second Date?


Dating is supposed to be fun, but more often than not we leave not really sure if he’s worth it or not. I’ve always said if you have to question it, it’s probably a no. [...]

My Gay Roomie – Erotic story


Our recommendation for some good read – writings by Kevin Armstrong – one of our favourite writers. ….. I looked around the room in Gilmour Residential [...]

Obsession #17 with Eian Scully


Eian Scully (Soul NYC, PRM LONDON) is the latest model to be shot by Daniel Jaems for his Obsession Series. The Canadian model (who spends most of his professional life in [...]

Byron Bay Foursome


byspeedodave©   My sexual escapades with Alex over the past couple of months have been really hot. Alex and I did receive a few offers for company last night in Byron [...]

SEXY is… by Joseph Bleu

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  Does the MAN Make the Clothes    or Do the Clothes Make the MAN? with Duane J. Moreno YOU TELL ME? Special Guest stylist Summer Spears INDUSTRIAL ELEGANCE     [...]