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Les Nouveaux Romantiques by Laurent Mac

Models François Voncq and Hugo Puvion boys from Elite Paris starring the new pictorial by French photographer Laurent Mac in “Les Nouveaux Romantiques”.  More focused this time on fashion, this works speaks for itself, clear images, focused portraits, mixed it up indoors and outdoores scenes, the young millennials […]

Ermenegildo Zegna Fall/Winter 2018 Milan

After Pitti Como edition 93 we’re going now to Milan Fashion Week presenting Fall/Winter 2018 with the casual collection of Ermenegildo Zegna. A new expression of Winter Couture is about to begin, added by Zegna. For its winter collection, Ermenegildo Zegna is inspired by mountain sports and the […]

Nick + Manuel by Alisson Marks

Once you get started you can’t sit down, come and joy the latest work that radiates sensuality, manhood and fashion all at the same time. Two gorgeous Italian hunks stand before you (can you imagine?) models Nick Flag and Manuel Greco posing shirtless, naked, and styling by the incredible fashionista Stefano Guerrini and photographed […]

Are Men in Crop-Top Sexy?

The usage of Crop Top started already a long time ago and was introduced by men for men in the gym. The weight lifters were the first to start as the gym dress code didn’t allow men to practice shirtless. So in the early 70’s so they crop […]