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忠記粥品 Zhong Kee Porridge – What a gem at Sheung Wan that has been under the radar

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忠記粥品 中环機利文新街32-34號A舖 near Sheung Wan or Central MTR I’m sorry Hong Kongers, but this porridge gem of yours deserves to be shared widely! Surrounded by only Cantonese from a diverse background, some elderly spotted was clad in their home clothes, while…

2015 on my plate

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2015 has been all about food for me. I have eaten my way through all the places that I have visited and the cuisine has been most diverse. So presenting, a very mouthwatering 2015, the fantastic year on my plate. 1. Khmer pepper crab –  The highlight…


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Karina’s Honey and Pineapple Sage Fresh Fruit Salad! Ingredients: 5 small passionfruit, exterior removed, pulp used 2 fresh oranges, skin removed, segmented, then chopped into bite-sized pieces 2 small nectarines, seeds removed, then segmented into medium-sized pieces 2 small peaches, seeds removed, then segmented…