Spanish model Andoni shots by Adrián C. Martín

Spanish model Andoni shots by Adrián C. Martín

Guys, stop wearing swim shorts! does not look good for CrossFit Guys and Fitness Athletes and Male models, obviously.

This is a good example we have to share here, for his summer vacations Spanish fitness model Andoni Jozu drops his swim shorts and modeling different swimwear from BWET, Manus, 2EROS Swimwear, Marcuse and MaleBasiscs.

Photographer Adrián C. Martín and Andoni go to Retiro Park at Madrid, by the way, is one of the largest parks of the city of Madrid, Spain is a big natural lungs for my Spanish friends.

Why boxer and swim shorts are the worst kind of swimsuit, much less desirable than long surfer shorts, if you can vote, you should not be wearing those garments, (only if you’re not a CrossFit guys or fitness model), do I sound to shallow? well this is 2017.

Your ideal swimsuit is modeling by Andoni Jozu, who has been featured before in magazines like Erotico Magazine and ADON. Andoni born already with a strong fitness body, so he definitely shall not worry about getting fat at all. So he feels free to decide what speedo or bikini should wear.

So tell me, which is the best bikini that fits Andoni better. There’s a bunch of pieces here:









Photos: Adrian C. Martin (@adriancmartin)

Model: Andoni Jozu (@andony.jozu)

Swimwear: BWET (@bwetswimwear), Manus (@manus_swimwear), 2eros (@2eros), Marcuse (@marcuseaustralia) and MaleBasics (@malebasics)

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