Gay Relationship and Marriage

Like heterosexuals, many lesbian, gay and bisexual people want to form stable, long-lasting relationships and many of them do. In fact, researchers have found that the majority of lesbian, and gay, adults are in committed relationships and many couples have been together 10 or more years. 

Gay Travel and Leisure

As the global visibility of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender (LGBT) community increases, the discussion of the market’s economic impact continues to gain traction. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in the travel industry. Lesbian and gay people tend to travel more than their heterosexual counterparts. Travel industry is aware of importance of gay and lesbian persons for its development and survival. We can see that in increased marketing and advertising targeting gay, lesbian and bisexual persons. Lesbian and gay youth are particularly looking for travel opportunities to regions where they can feel free about their sexuality.

Gay Themed Arts and Entertainment

When discussing media representation of various groups, especially those we consider marginalized, stereotypes are often a primary concern. But sometimes, breaking a stereotype doesn’t go quite far enough, and the issue can be a little more complicated than merely determining whether or not a character is represented in a positive or negative way. The section that follows explores different approaches to queer content by analyzing various ways that popular media have used characterized LGBTQ people.

Queer Shopping

In the late 90’s gay consumers emerged as an allegedly near mystical consumer group, as educated, urban consumers with sophisticated taste, high disposable incomes and was generally regarded as opinion leaders for desired consumer goods. But since 1990’s the western societies has transited into a post-gay phase where sexual orientation is not as relevant as they used to be.

Gay Fetish

The most common use of the word fetish is probably the sexual meaning. Someone with a foot fetish is abnormally interested in feet and gets sexual pleasure from seeing, being around, and even thinking about feet

Night Out – Seoul – Korea – Where desire comes out

By Chris P. What is the night out in Seoul like for a gay man? Gay sauna is one of very popular options in South Korea and particularly in Seoul. It is Friday night. Down one alley of a busy shopping and entertainment district of Seoul, young men move through what appear to be closed doors

Gay life in Georgia – Interview with local gay

“Georgian dance is based on masculinity. There is no room for weakness in Georgian dance!” Stefan Arestis Jan 11, 2021Categories Posted in Georgia “Georgian dance is based on masculinity. There is no room for weakness in Georgian dance!” So begins the captivating 2019 gay movie “And Then We Danced” Based on the love affair between

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