Gay Dimensions – Always Together

Gay Dimensions – Always Together

By Kevin Armstrong

My new story, Always Together, from the GAY DIMENSIONS series will be available for FREE DOWNLOADING on 5th and 6th of December from Amazon Kindle. Here is an excerpt.

1: Shanghai

Cheng had been drifting in and out of a dream for half the night. His Australian friend Basil moved in and out of his consciousness. Where was he now Cheng wondered? Had they been boyfriends? Even lovers? Well they’d certainly had sex, lots of sex. It had happened so naturally whilst they were working on the dangerous television documentary series about the human organ harvesting racket in China. The series that had led to Cheng being imprisoned in a dismal cell-like hospital room in the city of Shanghai.

Basil had a slight build, rather like a ballet dancer, his hair was a light brunette shade and his eyes, which could look brooding at times, were a darker brown.

For whatever reason Cheng had always preferred having sex with Caucasian boys and when they eventually got round to talking about sex, Basil had expressed surprise at this because he considered that Chinese boys had the cutest cocks on the planet.

The sex they’d shared was thrilling and ecstatic and Cheng thought that it was probably fuelled by the adrenaline caused by their work on the organ harvesting documentaries. Adrenaline caused by the danger they faced. If their secret project was discovered they both knew that they would be ‘donating’ their own vital organs.

Basil had first travelled to Shanghai with a contingent from Crown Media which was one of Australia’s leading broadcasting organisations. As well as television and radio stations the conglomerate had newspapers, magazines and a cinema chain. Crown Media was involved with the Chinese organisation Cheng worked for, Pearl Oriental Television. They were working on a series of co-productions that were costing more than a hundred million dollars.

Cheng had joined Pearl Oriental whilst still in his late teens and had quickly built a reputation in producing, writing and directing prize-winning television series. He’d quickly become Pearl’s golden boy. When filming a series he often went off at eccentric tangents but in the end he was always able to bring all of the elements of a programme together to create a dynamic effect. His productions were unique and were praised around China and the rest of Asia for their astounding insights and depth. ‘How the mighty have fallen’ was a phrase Cheng remembered reading in a British history book.

Because Cheng was working on documentaries for the television market and Basil from Australia was working on the creation of apps and the design of web sites and games to accompany them as well as special effects and animation software, it was inevitable that the two young men would work together. And just as inevitable that they would start to go out together, to bars and restaurants and visiting Shanghai’s gay saunas and having sex.

For his first few days working in Shanghai Basil had convinced himself that the young Chinese director he’d been assigned to was straight – which was a great pity Basil considered. The boy had wonderful golden skin that simply seemed to glow with good health. Unusually for a Chinese lad he had sparkling green eyes and Basil thought he must have inherited some genes from the deserts of northern Asia.

Actually on the flight from Sydney Basil had tried to tell himself that whilst in China he would forget all about sex. After all, although he would have to admit to himself that he was an outrageous slut, he had his steady boyfriend back in Australia. Oliver was a lawyer. He was a couple of years older than Basil and although he seemed to enjoy listening to Basil’s stories about having sex in the past at school and fucking ballet boys in the park after dance classes, he was insistent that their relationship would be monogamous. Besides, Basil knew nothing about the gay scene in China. Did anal sex carry the death penalty, the same as dealing in drugs?

And so it was that Basil was quite surprised when after work one day at Pearl Oriental Cheng invited him to go one of Shanghai’s gay saunas. Eventually Basil discovered that homosexuality had fairly recently been taken off China’s “mental illness” register and that for many boys and young men having sex together was almost as natural as breathing.

After Cheng and Basil had undressed in the locker room at the Mong Ling sauna on their first visit together, the Chinese boy had shown a great interest in Basil’s foreskin. He was surprised to say the least. He told his new Australian friend that it was received wisdom in Shanghai’s gay circles that most Aussie boys were cut.

Basil had laughed and said, “Well I’m afraid that information is a bit out of date Cheng. That would have been the case maybe in the forties and the fifties – but since that time Australia has had great waves of immigration. People from Europe, Vietnam, China… I recently saw this article on the net estimating that nowadays only about fifteen percent of boys in Australia have circumcised cocks.”

“Anyway, I am pleased that you are uncut” Cheng had told Basil… “with such thick lips” he said, laughing. After that the Chinese boy had played with Basil’s cock as if it was second nature to him.

Eventually Basil admitted to Cheng that he was addicted to Chinese cum. At first the Chinese boy was a little shocked and then he suggested that his new friend might be joking.

“Not at all” Basil had laughed. “It all started at my high school. There was this Chinese boy called Kang who had migrated with his family from Hong Kong. We used to wank together in the bush behind the sports oval. Then one afternoon he told me he wanted to squirt his load into my mouth. That was my first taste and I’ve been a sucker for Chinese juice ever since. ‘Sucker’ – you get my joke?”

“You mean to say there is a difference in taste?” laughed Cheng.

“Sure! It’s sweeter than the cum you get from Aussie boys or Europeans… and there is something indescribably exotic about the taste. ‘Redolent of the perfumes wafting across the South China Sea’ as Joseph Conrad would have said. But haven’t you noticed the difference yourself Cheng?”

“I wouldn’t know” said the Chinese boy rather ruefully. “I’ve mostly only ever blown Caucasian boys. Some Australians, lots of Americans, a few English, one German boy who had such a thick foreskin I could hardly find the head.”

“You’ve never sucked a Chinese boy?” said Basil incredulously.

“Oh yes, but I must tell you I’ve never noticed the difference. Not a lot of Chinese boys mind you because I had this beautiful lover, this boyfriend called Chang who worked with me.”



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