Eyal Berkover – Shot by Angel Ruiz

Eyal Berkover – Shot by Angel Ruiz


Took us 10 months to find new shots from ravishing Eyal Berkover Israeli fitness athlete.
But nobody can capture shots like Angel Ruiz, he’s the only one to polish every fitness and muscled angle from Eyal, as you can see, he has been built an elite perfect body and can do things that push his limits mentally to reach any success.

Angel and Eyal make a great team together, we can see they had a great time together shooting outdoors taking advantage of sun and lighting to make the hottest beach body session ever created.

Eyal has given us an example of life, mental and physical health, this is a proof of how you can do anything in your life. Like Eyal quote over his IG: “Work hard in silence and let your success make all the noise”.

Thanks guys please keep up the good work!




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