Eliah by Victor Lluncor

Eliah by Victor Lluncor

Photo Test With Eliah by Victor Lluncor exclusive in Fashionably Male webzine


Eliah is a young active man based in one of the St Petersburg islands in Russia. Eliah and Victor met in one of the volleyball games where Victor assisted.

He is an automotive student a very tall 6’3″ blonde hair, green eyes, and fit but slim body.

The first time

For the very first time, Eliah is followed good instructions by Victor when he was on the studio, “he was a little nervous, because he had never posed before the cameras before, but for his first time he was at the height of a professional model, calm, always smiling and always attentive to the indications.”

“He is a typical Russian boy, blond with green eyes, lives with his parents, very optimistic and always in a good mood.”

Victor Lluncor

Photography Victor Lluncor @victorlluncor
Model: Eliah @smrrrnv
Edition @oxana_lvova


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