Trucks with huge banners have made their way through the streets of Shanghai and Nanjing, with more protests to follow. ‘Clinic’ offering therapy to ‘turn straight people gay’ also opens in Shenzhen Phoebe Zhang   On a hazy day this week, a convoy of three white trucks is making its […]

Workshops, talks and advice on LGBT issues are on offer during five-day return journey from Shenzhen to Da Nang. With more than 1,000 gay Chinese and their families on board the ship, it’s also a place for some to come out Phoebe Zhang On the deck of a cruise ship […]

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova was forced to apologize for comments she made on social media saying that natural born men who ‘proclaim themselves female’ should not be allowed to compete against women. Navratilova’s remarks came in response to a question from a Twitter follower who asked her about transgender women […]

A new inclusive sex education textbook has received mixed opinions in China. The book, which is published by Beijing Normal University and is reportedly being used in at least 13 schools in the capital city, teaches children about intercourse, homosexuality, sexual abuse and gender equality. On one page of the book, […]

HOMOPHOBIA – La première web série gay Chinoise a été retirée des sites de streaming. Addicted – une série en 15 épisodes sur la vie d’un couple gay au lycée – a disparu d’internet sans avertissement lundi dernier (22 février), laissant les fans en colère, incapables de regarder les trois derniers épisodes. […]