Asian Hunks – Part 17

Asian Hunks – Part 17

What makes a man handsome?

Americans have debated this question for years, whether in magazine pages, online listicles or more intimate wars between themselves and the mirror. Scientists have weighed in with equal verve: Is attractiveness measurable, a matter of facial symmetry and body fat percentage? Or is it subjective in ways that are much harder to calculate?

Whatever your opinion, few can argue that these metrics are inclusive. The American beauty standard is undeniably a white standard, and people of color are bombarded with words and images that celebrate features they, as a matter of genetics, do not possess.

“[Asian] masculinity wasn’t acknowledged,” he said. “It was stripped away … And the way Asian men are depicted in popular culture, [we’re] never the object of desire … we’re still very much ‘just a friend.'”









Are you an Asian guy interested in photo modelling? Send us your photos and we will consider publishing them.

Are you photographer interested in publishing your works with male photo models? We will consider publishing your works.

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