Asian Hunks – Mk 38

Asian Hunks – Mk 38

Welcome to Thailand – land of smiles and beautiful guys.

We received these photos some time ago and were not sure about publishing them. The question was – are these photos crossing some “red lines” we generally don’t want to cross? How do we know that? We are publishing these photos and would like you to let us know what do you think. Is this going too far?

sexy asian gay-07

sexy asian gay-01

sexy asian gay-04

sexy asian gay-05

sexy asian gay-08

sexy asian gay-09

sexy asian gay-10

sexy asian gay-12

sexy asian gay-14

sexy asian gay-13

We will appreciate your honest response on the above question

To be continued…

5 thoughts on “Asian Hunks – Mk 38

    1ST… it seems in any pics to be written “20+”… according to the fact that they aren’t the centimetres, it is to be supposed that these are adult pics, and that “junior” is a way to say “not mature”…
    2ND… no one of the depicted action is a strictly sexual action, so, we are in front to aristic naxed exposures, not to paedophilic material…
    BONUS… contact the press editor and ask for age! But pay attention because the legal age is different state-by-state… what is applyable to those pics? The one of the homeland of the guy or the one of the official see of the editor?

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