“Let it be known that homosexuals are not cowards.” Willem Arondeus Willem Arondeus (22 August 1894 – 1 July 1943) was a Dutch artist and author who joined the Dutch anti-Nazi resistance movement during World War II. He participated in the bombing of the Amsterdam public records office to hinder the Nazi German effort to identify Dutch […]

I offer these thoughts to both single and coupled gay men, based on my perspective of what I’ve seen through the years. My experiences and observations as a gay men’s specialist psychotherapist might differ from other gay men, and even other gay male therapists, and we always have to be mindful of not indulging in unfair assumptions, stereotypes, or even prejudices.

Exclusive digital cover starring Sundy Jules @sundyjules photographed by Frederic Monceau @frederic.monceau styled by Mathias Tichadou @mathtcd grooming by Odile Jimenez @odilejimenezmua wearing Dior Fall 2020/2021. Exclusive digital cover for Vanity Teen online! Sundy Jules YOUTUBE STAR French YouTube star known for making challenge and tag videos, as well as vlog entries about his life. He has over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube. He also runs his […]