Gay Twitter Content Creator – SAMMY – @SAMM_FITNESS

Hairy Habibi | Fitness Model

My search for gay Twitter talent as well as accomplished creators and stars continues. It proved to be very popular among gay Twitter community. That is a good sign. We can do it together.

Who is today’s star? According to his Twitter profile, his name is Hairy Habibi. He is fitness model. I would add that he is pretty good in modelling for some other things as well. Let me guess – he will be very popular with queens who like them strong and hairy. There is plenty of hair there all over the shop darlings.

I cannot tell you any more about him. Simply because I don’t know it myself. Now, my plan is to send him link to this post. That is also an invitation for getting to know him better by his followers. I am sure he will not be too shy to answer several questions. Till then you can enjoy some of his Twitter posts.

And, before I go, this is my answer to those critics of mine for posting only photos of slim and smooth boys (preferably blond as well). Fine, I got your point and will try to cover all body types from now on. Happy now?

Hairy Habibi | Fitness Model - selfie - in underwear only
Now, that is what I call bushy pubic hair

Hairy Habibi | Fitness Model

For those willing to see more from this performer & content creator I am providing some links. I think it is worth checking him out!

Once again – I would love to hear from you SAMM. Respond in the “comments” section please.

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Do you guys have anyone you would like to nominate? Use the comments and I will take all the pleasure of checking it. I know there are many gay Twitter talents and stars deserving some extra attention.

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