Top 5 men’s luxurious watches to wear in 2022

From the sleek Calatrava and the first Panerai perpetual calendar to the most sophisticated watches in the Reverso collection

It is (already) 1st of January 2022 here in Sydney! HAPPY NEW YEAR! For no particular reason, I have chosen to start this year with some shopping. Why not. I have not done it before so it is good to change. And, mind you, not just any shopping. I am going to look at sometimes neglected fashion accessory – watch. I know that article about smart watches would be much more popular. And certainly more affordable. However, let get some luxury the first day of a new year.

The article is based on many other covering this topic. No, I did not have a chance to buy any of these. I don’t think they would give me any of them for testing either. Well… Maybe I could ask…

Patek Philippe Calatrava «Clous de Paris» 6119

Patek Philippe does not update the Calatrava collection very often. In 2022, the brand’s flagship line will celebrate its 90th anniversary, so there will be new items. In the meantime, we are seeing off the year 2021 and admiring the perfect “suit” that the company presented this spring.

The case of the model, increased to 39 mm, complements the laconic dial in the best traditions of the collection. The place of the numbers on the dial was taken by applied hour markers, made in support of the case in pink or white gold. The bezel is decorated with the classic Parisian Nails guilloche motif. The enlarged case houses the new hand-wound caliber 30-255 PS. The movement is 9 mm larger in diameter than the caliber that powers the current models in the collection. As a result, the movement was able to accommodate two barrels, which provide the new Calatrava with a 65-hour power reserve.

I like this one. It is very elegant. Yeah, I can imagine Tim Cook wearing one like this. If you want my opinion – this is perfect watch for successful gay enterpreneur.

A. Lange & Söhne Langematik Perpetual

After a two-year hiatus, A. Lange & Söhne has brought the Langematik Perpetual back to its lineup. A weighty reason for this was found – the 20th anniversary of the release of the first model of the series.

I like the clean lines of the case but it looks a bit too busy for my case. I guess would be popular with sporty type of rich gay guys.

Patek Philippe Sky-Moon Tourbillon

There are clocks that look like paintings. The new Patek Philippe Sky-Moon Tourbillon is one of those watches. The rose gold case with brown enamel dial will replace the current white gold case with black enamel dial in Patek Philippe’s catalog. With a diameter of 44 mm, the case is quite thick – 17.35 mm.

The large thickness is explained by the fact that the developers needed to place 12 complex functions in the mechanism at once. Complications do not overload the dial, since they are located not only on the front, but also on the back of the watch.

Well… What to say? One word comes immediately – Tacky! I better say no more

Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Perpetual Calendar

Bvlgari unveiled the world’s thinnest self-winding perpetual calendar this spring, adding the 7th record to its list of extremely thin watches. With a case thickness of 5.80 mm, the movement in the Octo Finissimo Perpetual Calendar is 2.75 mm. The 40 mm case is offered in two versions – titanium and platinum.

To reduce the thickness of the watch, the movement was equipped with a micro-rotor, and the date was presented in retrograde format. In addition to the case material, the two versions of the model differ in the color of the dial. In the titanium version, the dial is gray and matched with a titanium bracelet. The platinum version received a blue dial and a matching leather strap.

Eh, rich people must have plenty of time. Just to find out what is what on these watches would take me some time. I am not impressed with aesthetic appeal either. You don’t expect a classic (and very expensive) watch to measure your blood pressure but (in my mind) you expect some classic elegance of mechanical watch. Do you agree?

IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Shock Absorber XPL

A completely unexpected novelty was presented by IWC in 2021. The watchmakers from Schaffhausen decided to compete with Richard Mille in the creation of shockproof models. The result is a watch with a patented shock absorption system. The design of the Big Pilot’s Watch Shock Absorber XPL is very remotely reminiscent of the classic watches from the Big Pilot’s Watch collection.

A cantilever spring made of metal glass, visible under the dial, separates the watch from the usual design. In the event of an impact, it holds the mechanism, ensuring a smooth stop of the resulting movement. According to the assurances of the creators, the SPRIN-g PROTECT system can withstand loads up to 30,000G. For comparison, in everyday life the conditional maximum for 1000G watches.

Due to the special design of the crown, the movement moves independently of the case when struck. To make it lighter, the platinum was made from aluminum. The rest of the materials in the watch also work for ease. The 44mm case is crafted from Ceratanium® – essentially titanium with the properties of a ceramic. The case ring is made of titanium. The model is limited to 10 pieces per year. It would be strange to expect more – the watch is complicated, and IWC spent 8 years developing its anti-shock system.

Well, I guess just for all these special materials one would need to spend a fortune. Perfect for sophisticated gay guys. You know those tech boys…

Take it easy during recovery

That would be all from me for now darlings. Just in case – If any of you decide to surprise me with a gift – The last watch would perfectly fit on my hand.

Before I go. Take it easy during recovery and make sure you drink a lots of water. You know what I mean. And one more thing – this first article without any photos of gorgeous boys photos is not to be indication what will follow this year. Not at all. Actually new concept will be a bit more, how to say, engaging.

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