Gay Talent Time Kick off – Gay Twitter Stars – News Series

Social media sites offer critical opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and other sexual and/or gender minority. It enables gay youth to enhance well-being through exploring their identities, accessing resources, and connecting with peers.

Twitter, I’ve come to learn, is a fantastic place to find, store, and share homemade gay porn.

The platform may have banned a former president who helped stoke a deadly insurrection, but nonviolent, non-extremist, consensual nudes and sex videos are fair game, according to the site’s media policy. It’s a sex-positive policy on an increasingly sex-wary internet. Anyone, if their heart desires, can post nudes, selfies, and homemade videos of up to two minutes and 20 seconds. And a faction of gay Twitter users have taken full advantage through their alts.

Well, all of this above is a sort of a “theory” folks. I always try to dribble some of that. Surely, they are people who are interested in reading it. Some people. What ALL people like is some real stuff. Here, I will give preference to the practicing, rather than theory.

Now, it is January 1st of 2022. The first day of the year. The first article that will be classified as Gay Twitter Stars (or something like that). The question left unanswered (till now) is – Who is going to be the first STAR?

I must say that I have sweated and sweated and browsed, and… Well, here is my choice. Say hello to him. Visit his various sites and posts. Please meet Cody

Gay Twitter Star - Cole photo in nature
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Cody is successful adult content creator

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  • Hi there just one question how old is Cody!✈

  • Hello! I don’t know how old is he exactly. I am sure that he is over 18 or he would not be able to have accounts with some of the platforms he is using

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