10 photos of Andrii Levchenko for Happy New Year 2022!

It was a hard choice! Who to pick for the last post for this year? There are so many worthy candidates. At the end I picked this cute Ukrainian boy who resides in Budapest. His name is Andrii Levchenko. Was that the best choice? I don’t even know if he is gay or not. One should expect someone from gay population to be given this spot. However, well known members of gay population appear here frequently during a year. It is true that Andrii appeared here once before. Anyway, that is my choice folks.

Photo - Andrii Levchenko - homoerotic
Do you prefer red or white?
Remember summer sunsets on Danube?
Forgive this old dirty fart but one thing went through my mind when I saw this – Queen of the Kitchen!
You are not going to tell me that you will sleep with your Teddy Bear this NYE?

Well, this is my way of wishing you all HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022. It is some four and a half hours till New Year here in Sydney. All the best wishes to all of you!

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