OMG, he’s naked: Actor and model Dominic Albano

Dominic Albano (@dominicaalbano) is a New York-based actor and model who’s known for Mason and Fantasies. Check him out after the NSFW jump!

Model and actor Dominic Albano photo in underwear

Short Interview with actor and model Dominic Albano

Where do you live and work? What’s it like living and working there?

I live in New York City. My work takes me all over; I mostly work here in New York, though.

You are a model, and a professional actor. Which one came first and how did you get into modelling and acting?

I started as an actor. I was working as a personal trainer in upstate New York and was scouted by a man named Michael Butler. He wanted me to be in the business more than I did.

Actor and model Dominic Albano naked

Tell us an unforgettable moment in your modelling career?

I think just working with really talented photographers. Those are great opportunities, great memories. You really learn a lot from the legends.

Who inspires you the most when it comes to acting?

Is it embarrassing to say, Bo Derek, Diane Keaton? I like their attitudes, personalities, personas. It’s not so much about who has the most talent, for me… it’s about who is most visually appealing and interesting to watch.

You are quite comfortable shooting nude. What advice would you give to those who want to feel more comfortable with their body?

I never really thought much about it, being nude. It wasn’t until someone told me that nudity would affect me being taken seriously as an actor… so there was a time when I wouldn’t get naked. I was bored; I didn’t work. Now I don’t care about potential repercussions from getting naked and times have changed. I think nudity is so impersonal, really, especially in Europe. I think if someone wants to be naked, wants to be free, they should.

Tell us more about your acting career? What film/TV have you been in? How did you feel watching yourself?

I’m having fun with it. For me, modelling and acting is the gateway into doing other things; taking photos, business in fashion, directing and producing. When you’re famous, people will give you money to do whatever you want, creatively. That’s the goal.

Actor and model Dominic Albano nude

Dominic Albano has almost 37 thousand followers on Instagram

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He described social media as a “job,” and for the most part, everything he posts on social media is posted for a reason. “People make it such a part of their lives, they are on there all the time,” he said. “I did a book and a podcast to separate me from other people.”

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