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XHamster isn’t the most popular porn website in the world. It doesn’t have nearly as many daily users as Pornhub. If you’re searching for porn, the xHamster URL or brand name isn’t necessarily going to be the first one to pop into your head.

But according to xHamster’s estimates, more than 30 million people visit the site every day. Therefore making it one of the most-trafficked adult sites in the world. As it becomes more mainstream, there are plenty of interesting stories behind xHamster and how the site is pushing itself to be culturally relevant. Here are just a few facts about one of the premier places to watch free porn on the internet.

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1. xHamster was initially designed to be more like MySpace and Facebook

In 2007, a group of friends, noting the rising popularity of social media, thought that creating a community of those who like to watch porn online was a good idea. The names of the site’s creators are unknown. Their original goal reportedly was to allow users to share photos and videos with each other with the ability to search for specific topics they wanted. Like social media, xHamster connections have even led to nuptials.

“One of the things I am proudest about, during all my time with xHamster, [is] the number of people who have met each other, gotten married, and become life partners after meeting each other originally via our website,” a spokesperson said. “The fact that xHamster was created organically by the users themselves to fit their own desires, rather than artificially through some kind of top-down commercial structure is one of the key reasons that the site became so popular originally and remains so popular today.”


2. It’s headquartered in Cyprus, and that helps with a very specific reason

xHamster’s main office is in Limassol, Cyprus. It is an island off the coast of Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea. There are a few advantages to being headquartered there. It has low tax rates, and it’s tough for a lawsuit filed in the U.S. to have an impact on a company that’s headquartered in another country. For instance, the company’s remote location was helpful when an Iowa-based adult film producer, Fraserside Holdings, Ltd., sued xHamster for copyright infringement in 2011.

3. xHamster does not mind getting political

As one could expect, xHamster leans progressive on the political spectrum. The website has no problem scoring publicity points by punishing the conservative viewpoints it considers to be tasteless. For example, when Utah’s state legislature in February rejected a bill that would have given parents the choice to have their kids participate in sex education, xHamster directed incoming traffic from Utah to a PG-13 sex education video.

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