Gay Twitter Stars – @itsevanwade (my guess – Evan Wade)

In the top .6% on OF. gay. single! vers.

He is from Los Angeles, CA. Join Twitter in February 2018. Name is – Evan Wade. Right now he has 136.7K followers! In my books that means that he is very popular and very skilled in marketing. After seeing his Twitter posts, I dare to say he is very cute. I do like his very moderately feminine appearance. Well, that is how I perceive him.

After viewing this video I changed my perception a bit. Maybe his feminine appearance is rather my wishful thinking. In any case he is cute.

I could not get any more information about Evan Wade. Here are some of his posts on Twitter

Bird’s view of very sexy body

That would be all from me today folks. Don’t be lazy – go and check it out yourselves.

Evan Wade on Social Media

Click on the button below to see Evan uncensored

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