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Most of the time I am posting about photo models. It is true that photographers are always mentioned as well. However, most of the time it is photo model that is taking center stage. During my last browsing through Twitter I have discovered very interesting photographer. He is posting on Twitter regularly as well as advertising his OnlyFans account.

All that I know about him is that he is from Poland. There is also another interesting (and probably important) thing – one of his regular models is Adam Yakubowski. I find him one of the sexiest models today on the net. Actually, I am sure he will be one of my candidates for the sexiest man in the world campaign.

Let’s see some of his works now:

Advertising poster by Karrde Photography
Showing just enough – That is one of the most important tricks that makes photos homoerotic – In my opinion at least
Nude photo of Adam Jakubowski by Karrde photography
Don’t we all love Adam Jakubowski. Love that body and smile…
This is a new recruit according to photographer – His name is unknown at the moment. He is cute

I just found some more information about this talented photographer. Check it out

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Freelancer photographer. I focus on male fine art photography, mostly acting and implied nudes. I try, in my own original way, to capture faces, fleeting thoughts, momentary glances and those occasions which without photography would be “lost in time, like tears in rain.”

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That would be all folks. Links to his OnlyFans pages are more than well visible on his advertising posters. Check it out – I am sure you will get the value for your bucks.

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