Sam Lane is a sweetheart shots by Thomas Synnamon

Photographer Thomas Synnamon captured 19 facts where we can appreciate the beauty, sexiness, charming of male model Sam Lane he’s represented by RED at NYC.

Short interview with Sam Lane:

Tell us about your story.

Well, I wasn’t much of an “artsy” kind of guy. Growing up I played almost any sport you can name; primarily baseball- looked at by a few colleges but decided to go to American University instead to push my comfort zone, get new perspectives on life, and for job opportunities. I came into modeling after enough people at school nagged me and I got sick of it. The rest has been what its been and I’ve modeled for almost a year now.  

Tell us more about your hometown.

It’s a very small town, barley 3,000 people. Weird to think that such big things can grow from such a small town. I was always outside, ice skating at the beach, long-boarding on the CT river, or just walking around town. Everyone is old there so me and my friends were always getting yelled at for breaking things and running around. We always seemed to get out of it though. Our favorite was playing man hunt in town at night, that would be when you could run through boat yards and climb on roofs. 

Where are you currently based? Which city do you see yourself in?

Right now I’m in Washington DC. Growing up I always saw myself as a NYC kind of guy, but the longer that I stay here the more I see myself living here.

How did modeling start for you? How were you scouted?

Pretty much my whole life I have been getting comments that I should get into it but I never took them seriously. Than I got to college and everyone that was on my freshman year floor told me to give it a go. I never really cared for photos so I still didn’t. Than one of my friends dared me right before spring break to try it. I went home and got a couple of head shots done and that’s when WINGS picked me up. From there I was sent into the city to meet about 7 different agencies. Red showed the most interest in me and in a matter of 2-3 months I was in the industry. Never thought anything like this was possible until it happened.


What’s the best part of being a model?

Seeing the photos after a shoot that was fun/ I had a lot of anticipation for. Its always nice to see when your work comes out the way you wanted it to. Getting photos back is always guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

What’s your most memorable experience in modeling so far?

Flying to LA and shooting 7 times in 3 days than coming back to school and taking my finals… that was nuts. If I can get through that I can get through almost anything.

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