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Who is Aaron Valenzuela?

Model, artist, and actor who has built a following on social media thanks to his daring style, chiseled abs, and artistic flair. He has 70,000 followers on Instagram.

Before Fame

He graduated from UCLA in 2007 and later received an MFA from UC Irvine. 

Aaron Ranked on the list of most popular Models. He also ranked in the elite list of famous celebrities born in United States. Aaron Valenzuela celebrates birthday on June 27 of every year.

Living Creatively

In an interview with THE FIGHT, Aaron Valenzuela talks about the power in achievement, ideas of potential and using his body as a vessel of expression.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Mira Loma which is within Riverside County. My family’s house was surrounded by fields of corn, alfalfa, dairies, and horse ranches, which I really loved. Now, it isn’t nearly as scenic with all of the new shopping centers, warehouses and homes which have pretty much destroyed the landscape. Recently, the city changed its name Jurupa Valley which just seems like a blatant effort to whitewash its identity. All in a bid to get more people to move in to all of the new housing they’ve built. It will always be Mira Loma to me.


How was the coming out process for you?

I never liked the idea of coming out. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I never wanted to make a big announcement. I didn’t grow up in an area that was very kind to gay people. No one sat me down and told me that there were other gay people like me who were amazing artists or who achieved great things.

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I was scared that being gay would make me an instant failure. When I entered high school, things started changing. I still wasn’t out, but I knew that I wanted to wait until I went to off to college. I felt that I didn’t owe anyone back home a single shred more of myself. So I withheld my coming out until I was 19.

I remember I was at home for the summer from UCLA, and was washing my car to pick up my boyfriend, Mark. My mom came out and asked me where I was going and I told her that I was bringing Mark home and that he was my boyfriend. She said something like “yeah, I figured”. It was such an awkward time, because my coming out felt so delayed, so I’m sure there was a collective sigh of relief.

Well, folks there is the answer of a very common question. Yes, Aaron Valenzuela is gay. That is the most common question I receive following most of similar articles. And (unofficially) he seems to be single. So, What are you waiting for. He is very handsome and these homoerotic photos show his true natural beauty.

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