News from Instagram – Jared Celma – hot model from Spain

Who is Jared Celma?

Model who’s risen to great professional heights as well as gathered a strong following online. He’s amassed over 150,000 followers on Instagram and worked in Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Before Fame

He’s originally from Spain and has been based in Barcelona. 


He also operates a YouTube channel on which he posts vlogs documenting his travels, as well as clips of his commercial work. 

Family Life

He’s featured his mother Rosa in a lip synch video on his personal Instagram and he’s dated fellow model Nona Soley Bosch. 

Associated With

He’s worn numerous pieces of Calvin Klein merchandise in photos on Instagram.

Jared Celma - photo - young male photo model and acotr - non nude photo
This beautiful gray eyes and wet lips are really very erotic

Jared Celma was recently in Antalya (Turkey) for a new Netflix project with number of other young members of a filming group.

About modeling

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. When I decided to start modelling three years ago, I knew it was a tough choice. Because I knew that as long as I worked in many different countries, I would stay away from my family. Indeed, I did. However, this was my choice. Mostly during the quarantine process, all things stopped suddenly, and the closing home was difficult for me, like everyone else. I bought myself a dog, so I can say that the days passed a little faster.

In short, young Jared hopes that modeling is just a starting point for him to become an actor. That is his ultimate goal and I wish him best of the luck.

It is not possible to provide any further information regarding the project in Turkey. It is Netflix production.

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Eh, for those who keep repeating the same question – I don’t know if Jared Celma is a gay. I don’t think he is.

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