Lucas Garcez is very strong candidate for sexiest man

Just recently I posted some photos of Lucas Garcez. He is one of a limited number of models who managed to stay on the scene for long time. It takes much more than a pretty face or sexy looking body to stay close to the top of male modeling scene. And to do that for years. Lucas Garcez has it all – masculine face that is sometimes also presenting a boy with beautiful eyes looking straight in the camera. His body is naturally masculine without looking artificial.

You will find several posts with Lucas being on center stage in this blog. So, as I was preparing that post recently I asked myself a question. Why Lucas Garcez is not part of our competition for the sexiest man on this planet? I believe that he is very strong candidate. Therefore, I am putting Lucas in the competition.

There is not much more I can say about this successful male photo and fashion model. He works for a number of modeling agencies and he posed in front of some of the world best photographers. There is no fashion magazine that has not published at least one photo session involving Lucas Garcez. And, frankly I don’t think you will find any of the major menswear designers who did not work with Lucas at least once. Including Calvin Klein – one of the first ones to engaged Lucas.

Photos that I am going to present here are quite recent. I was thinking about posting some photos from his earlier days in the trade but I don’t think it is necessary. Today, Lucas Garcez easily might be actually sexier than in the early days of his modeling career. Let’s see if I am right! Here are photos of my choice to nominate Lucas Garcez for the sexiest man in the world:

Lucas Garcez - nominated for sexiest man in the world by gay matters blog
Black and white photo of male photo model - Lucas Garcez

These are photos I attach to my nomination of Lucas for the sexiest man in the world. Surely, there is no nude photos of Garcez. I am not sure if I have seen many photos of him naked. Is that important for getting considered for the sexiest man? I don’t think so. What do you think? Please vote

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