Is Hot Model Matt Holdener the sexiest man in the world?

Matt Holdener has a seriously hot cock bulge!

Everything else about him is damn fine too, but we have to admit that the package he’s showing off here is so tempting I think I speak for us all when I say we want to see more of him.

We saw some photos of gorgeous Matt Holdener some years ago and although I planned to find more of him it was nearly impossible. I don’t know what brought him across my path today but I located the rest of the shoot by photographer Scott Cushman and I had to share it with you. Is Matt Holdener the sexiest man in the world in your opinion? I think that he deserves to be in that competition.

I am struck by just how well built this handsome young man is. He has got a body you don’t see very often. Obviously it’s the result of years of swimming and gymnastics. He doesn’t look like a man who spends all day lifting weights. Instead he looks like a man who spends his days rock climbing, running, cycling and being as active as possible.

Enjoy him. Please feel free to leave a comment. Share the post with your friends. Most importantly, as always, VOTE! We need to find out who is the sexiest man in the world.

Important: In order to be able to see other candidates for this title follow instruction please. If you look the sidebar on this site you will find section called “TAGS”. Scroll through that section and find the tag “Sexiest-men-world”. That will take you to the page where all previous posts are located. You can revisit some old posts or access them for the first time and compare candidates. Top candidates will get to the second round. At the end of that process we should have our sexiest man in the world for this year. The great final is planned for January 2022.

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Let’s see more of hot Matt Holdener now!

Ripped athletic body of Matt Holdener. Gay Matters competition for Sexiest Men in World
Model Matt Holdener posing for Gay Matters Sexiest Man in World
Very nice strong body. I personally also prefer smooth guys. And look at that bulge…
I suspect this photo will get him a lots of votes. Shaved pubic hair… Yum!

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