OMG – He’s Naked! – Vintage Photos of Bob Bishop

We’ve enjoyed some great vintage shoots of Jim French models from way back in the days of Colt, and since. Naked photos of Bob Bishop has never come up in previous posts that I’m aware of but he’s one of the most interesting models of the era.

Why is he so interesting?

While so many of the other models only lasted a few years in the business some of them went on for far longer. Bob Bishop is one of them.

He also didn’t stick to just solo posing. Although I wasn’t able to find a whole lot of information about him it’s obvious he went into more hardcore productions and appeared with other models in every uncompromising ways.

While a lot of the models back then were entirely straight and posing solo, some of them (straight or otherwise) went on to do a lot more than just jack off for the cameras.

One of the best things about Bob Bishop is that you can see he went from a fit young jock in his early 20s to a studly men in his 30s. Unlike so many others it seems he stuck with it for longer, and I guess it’s because he was so handsome, so fit, and seemed to enjoy the experience.

Which version of him I prefer? The younger jock dropping his pants in the desert. Or the older man more wise and secure in his sexuality while he sucks a big dick.

Where so many of these men are now? I guess a lot of them are still out there somewhere, getting on with life, occasionally surprised by their own image on the Internet.

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Do you have any information? Please share it with the rest of us if you do.

Let’s enjoy some photos now!

Vintage photo of Bob Bishop - nude
Nice body. Uncut dick – sort of unusual for American guys particularly at that time. Another thing I can notice here is – not shaving pubic hair. Not even trimming it. It is all natural folks!
Sexy Bob Bishop - naked photo
Bob Bishop photo - gay scene - explicit

Don’t we all love browsing through some vintage photos. Particularly some spicy as these of Bob Bishop – including some explicit.

Maybe some of you noticed that I am not posting every day any more. The reason for that is that I am working on some other projects. I will certainly try to post at least twice a week till other projects are not finished. Thank you in advance for your patience.

These photos were recently posted on gaybodyblog.

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