Matteo Sulas – WAPO Wear Model – Tropical Underwear

I know that summer is over in Northern Hemisphere. However, some of us live down south. It is beautiful spring here in Sydney and some days are already feeling like summer. Most populated states in Australia (New South Wales) and Victoria are still under some sort of a lock-down but we believe it will be over before southern summer starts.

The question is – what are we going to see on Australian Beaches? Well, outgoing summer from the north could give us pretty good indication.

Everyone have done their bits. WAPO Wear provided sexy swimwear, photographer Simone Pilia brought his camera and good photographic skills and Matteo Sulas provided his spectacular body. That is more than enough for a good show folks! Let’s have a look

Matteo Sulas – body hard as a rock behind him. WAPO Wear swimwear must be enjoying his war touch
I personally prefer guys with a bit more natural body but Matteo has a body many can only dream about

On his Instagram page Matteo presents himself as a dancer associated with another account –  @burnthefloorofficial dancer 🔥. I had no opportunity to check his dancing skills but as a photo model he is certainly successful.

Based on above photos I can only make one prediction – incoming summer down south is going to be very exciting. Make no mistake – there are fairly many guys here in Sydney with body similar to Matteo’s. In right swimwear they will look even more sexy.

I managed to find a short video clip by Matteo Sulas – “The Show Must Go On” – on YouTube. The clip is quite short but still opportunity to capture some great photography.

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