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PaganiniMarc DeBauch was born October 24th, 1956 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The descendant of German and Polish immigrants, (some of whom were convicted felons), he attended Catholic grade school which forced a rebellious nature into his art and being. As a young adult he attended St. Cloud State University where he majored in jewelry design, printmaking and pot smoking. At the age of 23 he, joined the sex cult of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh changed his name to Satyarthi, wore only red clothing, sold all of his worldly possessions, (except his paint brushes), and moved to India. When he returned to the USA in 1980, Marc began to paint turbulent landscapes and fantasy art, including homo erotic subjects. In 1995 Marc won first place in the Tom of Finland Emerging Erotic Artists Contest. Since then his art has been exhibited internationally and published in books including  Brunos Gmunders “Stripped” and “The Worlds Greatest Erotic Art” of Today Vol I and III, as well as numerous new age and adult magazines. His interests include archeology, zoology, astrology, mythology, botany, and art history. Marc currently lives in Minneapolis with Eduardo, his partner of 19 years, and their Boxer dogs Zorro and Xsa-Xsa.

Statement from the artist:

Painting the male figure is a meditation for me. I worship every millimeter of skin, every hair, and every muscle with my brush. My models are often friends and lovers. I work using oils on canvas, graphite pencils or gouache on paper. My subject content can range from subtle classical nudes to pornographic images of men is sexual ecstasy. I create sensual and erotic images to illustrate the mysterious, the occult, the forbidden. I especially enjoy adding a humorous twist on homosexuality, politics, religion and icons. Peter Paul Rubens, George Quaintence, Paul Cadmus and Tom of Finland are among the artists who continue to influence my work. I hope to excite the viewer visually, emotionally, as well as spiritually. It is my goal as an artist and sexually active gay man, to paint erotica that continually challenges the views of people who oppose sexual freedom. If my paintings assist the viewer in discovering where they are in the spectrum of human sexuality, then my aim is reaching its target.

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Marc Debauch_Antonio_en_la_Playa

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