Short shorts for guys with thick thighs – with Sean Austin – 1

Obviously, you can wear short shorts whatever shape your thighs are – we just like the way that ‘guys with thick thighs’ rolls off our tongue. Literally.

Straight guys can wear short shorts – we’ve got no objection to that, we don’t discriminate – but there’s something undeniably queer about rocking a sexy pair of short shorts on a steamy summer’s day when the sun is shining and the sidewalks sizzle.

We’re not here to tell you how to dress for your body shape – if we had that figured out we wouldn’t have to spend so long shouting at the mirror each morning.

We are here to give you some confidence. Whatever shape your body is, we love a guy in short shorts.

Obviously, we’re not alone in that – there’s a hashtag on Instagram dedicated to it. Expert tip: use #gayshortshorts to avoid any confusion.

Short shorts inspiration

We’re always on the look-out for guys with thick thighs, and today it’s Sean Austin that’s caught our eye.

You can see a lot more of Sean on his Twitter and his fan-subscription channels.

What are the different styles of shorts that guys have to choose from?

The key to this question is ‘function.’ They range from cut-off denim, athletic — golf, running, soccer, board — street-wear cargo, or a classic chino.

Do different styles of shorts suit different guys?

Body type and leg length are the main factors to consider. Retailers sell shorts in 5-inch, 7-inch, 9-inch, and 11-inch lengths. The shorter the leg, the shorter the short.

If you have killer legs, by all means show them off in a shorter short.

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Are there any age considerations?

Age is really not the issue. Are you fit enough to wear a shorter short? If you have lots of discolouration, varicose veins, or dry skin, then maybe you should rethink a short short — and throw some oil or body lotion on those legs.

Shorts & Bottoms

Do styles of shorts change with fashion?

Trends come and go. Over the last few seasons, fitted 7-inch and 9-inch shorts seemed to be the rage. Pleats have been out for years.

Want to dress it up? Shorts with a jacket is a thing.

Are there social occasions when shorts aren’t appropriate?

These days the rules are being broken everyday.

You might still encounter some restaurants or private clubs who insist on trousers.

What sort of shoes should I wear with my shorts?

Again, function is usually the determining factor. Athletic shorts are almost always worn with a sneaker, casual shorts can be teamed with a flip flop, a sandal, sneaker, driving moccasin, or boat shoe. Dressier events can use a leather slip on loafer.

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