Anthony Catanzaro – the latest nomination for sexiest man

This Sexiest Man in the World series is gaining momentum and interest. Who is my nominee for that title today. Anthony Catanzaro has impressive body and some other attributes that might get him very high up on the ladder. He can possibly even be a winner.

Let’s see if majority of you agree with me

Anthony Catanzaro - male fitness model - face photo
Very macho look. However, eyes are leaving mild and relaxed impression
Photo of Anthony Catanzaro - torzo in colour
Athletic body
Nude photo of Anthony Catanzaro
Nude in black and white - Anthony Catanzaro

Anthony Catanzaro is an American male fitness model, training consultant and bodybuilder. Wikipedia

Born: 18 December 1970!

Anthony Catanzaro rose to the top of his career as a fitness model. He brought his body to a gleaming, muscular, Greek-statue, close-to-perfection nonpareil. He appeared in Playgirl and on the covers of countless fitness magazines. Then he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

This game-changer ironically works tirelessly to grind the body machine to a halt. It starves the brain of dopamine, the chemical that allows the body to move and movement is the very thing that builds the gleaming muscles that propel a bodybuilder to fame. Symptoms can include tremors, bradykinesia or slowness of movement, limb rigidity, and dyskinesia or abnormal movement.

You were created by perfection

So what did Catanzaro do? To this day, seven years after his diagnosis, he relies on an energetic, positive attitude to keep active, stay as healthy as possible, and continue to be a role model of health. As he said in a phone interview, “Fill the well. Drink from the well. Then everyone will drink from you.” He is convinced that his positive attitude, and doing what he loves, putting self first will allow him to be as healthy as possible. Fighting the disease with his mind will allow his body to heal itself.

“No matter what we face in life, it’s important we stay balanced and in command. You were created by Perfection. Why change?”

I am really impressed with more than one thing about Anthony. He is 51 years old not (almost) and look his body. Look at his face. And, the best of all is his attitude. This man deserves our respect and admiration. I am very comfortable with nominating him for the Sexiest Man in The World. Please vote

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