The Queer As Folk Reboot Putting Gay Actors in Gay Roles

Peacock’s New Orleans-set reboot of The Queer As Folk just added four series regulars

By Joseph Longo

The new Queer as Folk keeps getting queerer.

Earlier this year, the NBC-owned streaming platform Peacock announced they would be rebooting the memorable aughts-era Showtime drama about a group of gay friends living, loving, and loathing in Pittsburgh. Although Queer as Folk was a groundbreaking step forward for LGBTQ+ TV in the year 2000, the show focused primarily on white characters and cast straight actors in many gay roles.

Not so this time around! As Deadline reported, the New Orleans-set reboot has found four new series regulars. These are: Candace Grace, Johnny Sibilly, Devin Way and Fin Argus.

You may not know Grace’s name, but that’s about to change. Queer as Folk is the actor’s second major television role. His first hasn’t even aired yet. In February, Grace was cast as the lead in a new ABC crime procedural Acts of Crime by creator Sam Esmail of Mr. Robot fame. In Queer as Folk, per Deadline’s description, Grace will play “a nonbinary professor navigating the rocky transition from punk to parenthood.”

Sibilly, who is set to play an ambitious lawyer in the reboot, is perhaps the best-known actor of the bunch. He recently appeared in several episodes of HBO Max’s Hacks and had a memorable turn as the ailing Costas in Pose. “Dreams come true,” Sibilly tweeted, in response to the news of the casting going public.

Then there is Way…

Then there’s Way, who cut his teeth on Grey’s Anatomy. Deadline refers to his Queer as Folk character as a “charming and sometimes chaotic commitment-phobe.” On Monday, Way posted on Instagram about his casting, sharing his “joy” and “gratitude.” 

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“This win is for the small town, biracial boy who grew up in an environment that taught him to hide who he is… you don’t ever have to hide anymore,” he wrote.

Finally, Argus rounds out the initial cast. At least for now. Last year, he starred in the Disney+ film Clouds. He will play an arrogant high schooler in Queer as Folk. On Instagram, he shared his excitement at the opportunity.

“It’s an honor and liberation to be a part of such a talented group of fellow queer people to tell our own stories,” he wrote. “Prepare ur loins girls and gays we’re coming for ya!”

Both the original British version of Queer as Folk in 1999 and the American adaptation were created by screenwriter and producer Russell T. Davies. Davies is coming off critical acclaim for It’s a Sin, his series from earlier this year following gay men at the height of London’s HIV/AIDS crisis. The new adaptation, however, comes courtesy of director Stephen Dunn (Closet Monster).

The announcement of four new series regulars comes on the heels of another major casting win for the reboot. In August, it was announced that Jesse James Keitel was cast in the reimagined series as a trans party girl. Last year, Keitel made history as the first nonbinary actor to lead a network TV show in Big Sky.

There’s no word just yet on when the Queer as Folk reboot will air, but it’s shaping up to be the most fully representative iteration yet.

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