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We all think we are legends in the bedroom. We all think we’ve mastered the art of sucking a big juicy penis but the fact is some of us actually suck at this – not in a good way.  So here at FS HQ we have come up with eight rules for you to improve how you do your thaaang.

Fucking, bumming, blowing, rimming! It’s all part of the package when it comes to sex with another man. And at FS we love it. But! Have you ever been in bed with a hot guy and it’s just not happening? Everything he does is wrong. Too fast at sucking you off. Too slow at fucking you from behind. “Harder dammit!”, “Faster!”, “God will you ever finish the fuck up so I can tweet my thoughts about The Great British Bake off.” Sound familiar? Well guess what? The chances are that has been said about you too. No? Really? In denial are we?


Rule one: Relax

You can’t just stick it in straight away and expect him to be happy about it. Frankie says relax… and enjoy some foreplay. Unless a guy is chilled and ready, fucking his arse will probably be a painful experience. Taking the time for foreplay will make sex much more comfortable. This can include rimming, gentle fingering, lubrication, patience and listening to each other and responding appropriately.


Ruw two: Listen to him

Being a top isn’t about being dominant. It’s true that some guys like to be dominated but not everyone does. Don’t just charge in there. If you ask him how he likes to be fucked you can try and fulfil his request, if you like the sound of it. Listen to his reactions too. If he is making noises that suggest he’s in pain, try to move more slowly. Most guys like a change in rhythm now and then so variation is good, but if he’s screaming with joy, keep doing what you’re doing!



Rule three: Hand jobs are the king!

The biggest mistake people make is treating someone’s cock like a ketchup bottle. You can’t shake his thing so hard to start off with and expect him to like it. Start slowly and build up the speed as you go. Listen to his moans and that should help with the speed you go at. Also, with a bit of spit or lube in the palm of your hand and the underside of your fingers you can pretty much get him going. Just get yourself nice and slippery and pass your palm and fingers over the head of his cock – gently, mind. Spend enough time on this and even men with less sensitive cocks can really start to squirm.


Rule four: Suck it and see

gay-sex_gay-foreplayWhen taking a guy’s cock in your mouth, again, remember to build up. Lick it before you suck it, suck the head before you suck the whole of it… you don’t want to go straight in for the kill like something out of Piranha 3D. And let him see you licking and sucking
it. Watch out for sensitive men though, they tend not to like too much action at the tip of the cock as it becomes overly sensitive (obvs). Get in there and use his whole cock. And if you have a bad gag reflex there are two things you can do to help. Orange juice helps due to the citric acid in it. But, also put your thumb in your fist and clench really hard. This helps distract the brain. Who knew, eh?

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