Beach, Bed and Beyond – Hot Summer Gay Erotic Story

Welcome to another story from my Homoerotic Literature Library. “Beach, Bed and Beyond” is short and perfect for reading in nice company during cool nights coming soon to those living on North Hemisphere. Reading it together while feeling each other body makes this story special

Let’s read it together

I loved feeling the warm sun on my chest as I laid on my back. The towel I was laying on was all I had with me at the beach the July afternoon that would change me forever. My body surfing buddy was sick that day so I was by myself and feeling good: 18, in-shape, and loving summer vacation. It doesn’t get better than this. At least that’s what I thought until I felt a shadow come over my closed eyes and hear someone say “Hi.”

I looked up and saw a man smiling down at me. I got up on my elbows and said “hi” to a nice looking guy I took to be about 35.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked. He sat next to me before I could answer and said he was on a business/vacation trip and in town for the first time. “Judging from your great tan, you must be a native,” he said.

“Yes, I am,” I said. His name was Daniel. He said his sales company had just transferred him from California to Philadelphia. He said he missed the L.A. beach scene and planned to spend every working weekend at the Jersey Shore. I introduced myself (Paul) and we talked about the weather and the surf and living in a resort town. He asked about my muscle-building summer job at a paving company, how I liked high school, sports, etc.

Did he just check me out…

I had no idea he was anything but a nice, friendly out-of-towner until I suddenly sensed something more. Did he just check me out…glance at my crotch? And he did say I was in great shape, that I “have a great body.” I couldn’t tell for sure, but it got me thinking. He was a very handsome man…trim, dark hair, including some chest hair that narrowed into a happy trail disappearing into his bathing trunks. What if he was trying to pick me up? I had thought about gay sex since the time I jerked off with a buddy in his attic. But we never got beyond that and since then my focus had been on girls…making out, trying to feel their tits and getting to their pussies.

I felt my heart leap with what I took as confirmation when Daniel asked with a faint smile, “Well Paul, what do guys do around here for fun at night?” OMG, this is really happening. Do I go with it or show I’m not interested? The way my heart was pounding I knew I had to see where this might lead. I told Daniel how my buddy and I often went swimming at motel pools around town at night, just blending in with the real guests.

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“Sounds like fun” he said, inviting me to meet him at his nearby motel at 8 for “a swim.”

I said “OK” but wasn’t sure I would really show up.

Daniel said “great, room 201.” He gave my thigh a friendly slap, stood up, winked down at me as he walked off to what he said was a business meeting.

My heart kept pounding

My heart kept pounding as I thought about what I might be getting into. I rolled onto my stomach as my cock, which was kind of big for my age (7 inches and cut), began to harden and my nips felt sensitive as my imagination ran wild. Well, I thought, I could always not show.

A few minutes before eight p.m. I looked up to the second floor of Daniel’s motel and the lighted window at room 201. “I’m going to do this,” I told myself. I felt like I was entering an out of body experience, watching myself climb the stairs and knock on Daniel’s door. He answered, wearing a white robe and a broad smile.

“Hello Paul, I’m so glad your came. And right on time.”

He could tell I was incredibly nervous as he closed and locked the door. He took my rolled up towel and bathing suit and tossed them onto a chair. We both knew I was not there to go swimming. He moved close, put his hands on my shoulders and told me to relax, that we would do nothing I did not want to do.

I nodded “no” when he asked if I had ever been with a man. I think that gave him special satisfaction…knowing that he had snagged a fresh, young conquest.

Gazing into my eyes…

Gazing into my eyes as I stared into his, he parted his robe, took my hand and guided it to his cock. He was already hard and I could tell without looking that he was slightly bigger than me. He put his free hand behind my head, leaned in and kissed me gently. I felt myself respond, slowly at first and then with more passion as he pressed his body against mine.

“Come on Paul, let me see your beautiful body,” he whispered as he worked at getting me naked in what seemed like seconds. He leaned back, scanned my slim body and let his robe drop to the floor. I looked at his cock for the first time…so hard, defying gravity as it curved slightly up, his cock head a bright pink, the base of his shaft surrounded by thick black manly pubic hair.

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Without a word he guided me to the bed, laid me on my back, laid next to me and resumed our passionate kissing while his hands explored my chest, abs, cock and balls. “Paul, you are a beautiful boy,” he said as he rolled his body on top of me. Without thinking, my legs opened for him and my hands feel his strong shoulders and back. I felt his hard cock rub against my tight stomach and my cock against his. I felt him slide down as his hands went to my hard nips. For the first time in my life, I felt my nips being kissed, licked and gently bitten. I moaned as he slide lower, kissing my hairless abs as my cock slide over his chest. Suddenly his head was between my open legs.

I moaned loud…

He kissed my inner thighs and gave me a wonderful new sensation, taking my balls into his mouth. And he stroked my nervous cock into hardness as he sucked on my smooth balls, freeing them when his hand felt a bead of precum ooze from the flared head of my cock. He nibbled up the shaft of my cock, then ran the tip of his tongue under the rim of my cock head. While one hand felt my nips, the other guided my cock into his mouth. I moaned louder and arched my back as he went deep down on me, relishing my now rock hard young cock.

Shorts & Bottoms

Daniel was an experienced lover. He stopped working my cock when he anticipating my climax. He slide back up on top of me, kissed me deep and asked if I was OK.

I nodded “yes” and he asked if I wanted to suck his cock.

In a daze, I nodded “yes” again. Suddenly he was straddling my chest, his beautiful cock and his balls hanging over my face. I reached for it, feeling its warmth. I looked up and saw him looking down, smiling at me as he fed the head of his cock into my mouth.

Suck it boy

“Suck it boy,” he ordered. I lifted my head, taking more of his shaft. I held his balls as he slowly fucked my face. Hearing him moan and knowing that now I controlled his pleasure gave me a sudden sense of power. This grown, powerful man was mine, trusting me with his cock. I tasted his first silky precum. OMG I was loving this far beyond anything I had imagined.

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I felt his balls tighten and Daniel pulled his cock free. He dropped down on top of me and we shared his precum as we kissed. He said I was great and asked if I knew what 69 was. I said yes. He pushed his athletic body up, swung around and again his cock was deep in my mouth as he took mine into his. We were like one body, joined in sexual union. It was awesome. I felt his strong hands slide under my smooth ass cheeks as he worked to draw all of my cock into his mouth. I reached up and felt his muscular ass grind cock into my face for what felt like blissful hours.

And then as new sensation. A finger slide along my ass crack and touched my hole. I flinched and felt my cock spasm in his mouth. I knew he felt it too and he took it as a sign of encouragement, which it was. His finger pressed and then burst into my virgin pussy. After only seconds of fingering, my cock exploded, pumping a full load of hot sperm into his mouth. I nearly fainted from the pleasure of my climax.Clearly I heard him moan loudly, felt him spasm, and then the flow of warm cum flooding into my mouth. I swallowed, taking his essence…wanting his sperm inside my body, a part of me.

You were wonderful

Our bodies relaxed with the final jerks of our cocks. They slowly softened in each other’s mouth. Daniel groaned, swung back around, laid his sweaty body on top of mine and kissed me.

“You were wonderful,” he whispered.

All I could say was, “So were you.”

“So you like being with a man?” he asked.

“I do.”

“You want more?” he asked. I kissed him.

And so began an amazing sexual adventure that would last through the summer and beyond. But more about that for another day, if you would like.

I am preparing some more of these erotic stories. Please leave your comments below. I do read them and they are influencing me in terms of what is going to be published in the future.

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