I nominate Rhys Kosakowski for Sexiest Man in The World


Rhys Kosakowski, a Classical Ballet/Contemporary dancer is originally from Newcastle, Australia. He strives to embrace his creativity through the art of rhythm and dance. Rhys’s passion for movement propelled him through many episodes of notability and success. Such as performing with the Houston Ballet Company for 6 years as a Corps de Ballet dancer and performing in Australia’s rendition of Billy Elliot the Musical in 2007 as one of the original 4 Billy’s.

Rhys started training Tap and Jazz at the age of 6 and fell in love with the art of performing and moving to music. His teacher advised that to pursue dancing as a career, he must train in Ballet. Just after 3 months of classical ballet, it became an obsession of his.

After touring Australia with Billy Elliot for 3 years, he moved back home to Newcastle and trained in Ballet/Contemporary full time. In 2011, The Houston Ballet held an open audition in Sydney to which Rhys participated in and got offered an apprenticeship to work in Texas.

Very rich career so far

So, Rhys was fortunate enough to be cast in Ballets such as Cinderella, The Nutcracker and La Bayadere. All of which enhanced his creative and bodily capacity. Along with this, he worked hand in hand with choreographers Alexander Ekman for his ballet ‘Cacti’ and William Forsythe for his ballet ‘Artifact Suite’, along with others such as Justin Peck and Jerome Robbins.

One of his biggest highlights was performing opening night in Jiri Kylians ‘Wings of Wax’. It was an experience that struck Rhys with enthusiasm and inspiration.

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Above information was taken from Sydney Dance Company site

I think that hot Aussie, Rhys Kosakowski has what it takes to be nominated for Sexiest Man in The World. What do you think? Let me know after seeing some of his photos. Please vote!

Rhys Kosakowski - face photo in black and white
For those who like them smooth. Very nice black and white photo. This would get my vote for sure
Rhys Kosakowski face photo

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