Homoerotic Photography – Thomas Synnamon on Insta – 1

Thomas Synnamon is one of great photographers specializing in a man’s body portraits. I find his photographs are very often homoerotic. Is that just me or there are others who agree with this? Well, let’s find out. You are invited to vote photos presented here. I am very excited to find out if there is a common denominator that makes photos “homoerotic”.

Those of you who regularly or occasionally visit this Site know that I am particularly admirer of black and white photography. However, I will not present exclusively black and white photos here. They might be dominating but not exclusive.

Is it macho face that makes this photo attractive for you?
Is it masculine body – half covered – that is making this photo homoerotic?

Gentle face, fully dressed and eyes looking directly at you (camera)
Strong, athletic body. Smooth skin. Nice package hiding behind underwear.

This should be sufficient number of photos to kick-start this new photographic series. What is “homoerotic” photo in your opinion. More I know about your taste – better chance to get what do you want to see in other posts. Share your opinions with me. I really appreciate that.

Please take few moments to look at all photos and then answer some questions in the surveys. Your contribution is highly appreciated!

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