OnlyFans Will Ban Pornography Starting in October 2021!

OnlyFans Will Ban Pornography Starting in October, Citing Need to Comply With Financial Partners

OnlyFans, which has amassed a base of more than 130 million users largely for adult-oriented subscription fan pages, announced that it will ban sexually explicit content this fall.

The U.K.-based company said it is making the changes “to comply with the requests of our banking partners and payout providers”

Effective Oct. 1, 2021, “OnlyFans will prohibit the posting of any content containing sexually explicit conduct. In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform, and to continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines.”

OnlyFans earlier this week officially launched OFTV, a free streaming service that will not include any sexually explicit material. OFTV features original content from more than 100 OnlyFans creators, spanning fitness, cooking, comedy, health, music and more. OnlyFans earlier this year soft-launched the on-demand streaming service, which now features a content library of over 800 videos.

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Founded in 2016, OnlyFans says it has paid out more than $5 billion to creators worldwide. According to its terms, the company keeps 20% of revenue generated by its 2 million-plus creators. Because it has been a home to X-rated content, OnlyFans is available only on the web, not on mobile app platforms including iOS and Android.

In July 2021, OnlyFans approved 114,065 creator accounts (out of 279,222 applications), according to the company’s first monthly transparency report. It also revealed that it deactivated 15 OnlyFans accounts last month after detecting child pornography on those accounts.

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OnlyFans’ incoming porn ban isn’t a victory for morality, it’s just a bad business decision as someone else will pick up the slack

After the subscription site announced it will ban porn in October. Some are celebrating it as a mainstream rejection of porn. In reality, someone else is going to fill that space. Simply because our culture still craves adult content.

Whether people like it or not, pornography is a big business in the modern day. It’s impossible to count the number of adult websites out there. Sex work of all types continues to be popular in the digital space. With the invention of the website OnlyFans, many adult performers, from porn stars to cam girls to erotic cosplayers, found a new way to gain revenue for themselves by charging for a more personal style of explicit material. That may change for many of them very soon. 

Jocks & Thongs

Starting in October, the company is going to stop creators from posting material with sexually explicit content on the website. Nudity is still allowed, provided it’s consistent with the new policies. The website has over 130 million users and saw a ton of growth during the pandemic when single and lonely people weren’t able to go out and find partners. Republican Arizona Representative Paul Gosar applauded the move, and Reddit’s r/NoFap did as well.  

However, if they think this is going to be the catalyst for mainstream porn rejection, they’ve got another thing coming. 

Sex Sells and always will

Though I’m no fan of the porn industry, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t understand its appeal and financial success. Sex sells! This is one of the most literal applications of that phrase short of actual prostitution. Which isn’t known as the ‘world’s oldest occupation’ for nothing. Given how much people seem to either enjoy the content or simply just get addicted to it, there’s no way that this is going to really benefit the culture. The main reason being that someone else is just going to pick up the slack. 

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It wouldn’t surprise me if there are websites out there that are looking to appeal to the sex workers that have been making money hand over fist by selling their own sexually explicit content. More than likely, someone out there with coding experience and a desire to get into the adult industry is already crafting a brand new website that does everything that OnlyFans did before it decided it wanted to try to attract outside investors. 

New & Hot

The thing about American culture is that we don’t really see these sorts of things as negative. Cultural shifts are not brought about just because one website decides to change direction. We Americans have a relatively free market. It’s not hard for another business to start up and pick up the slack that somebody else is dropping. Americans as a whole would have to start rejecting the idea of even watching pornography in the first place for adult content demand to drop. 

OnlyFans is making a bad business decision

As a former Chicago denizen, the only event that I think compares to what would need to happen is the day disco died. People are going to have to start deleting their accounts en masse because they’re sick of what’s going to happen to them if they continue to indulge in these things. Right now we’re just not sick of the excess, and that’s something that needs to come organically. We may see a day in the future where people want to get back to a sense of emotional monogamy, but OnlyFans making a bad business decision is certainly not that day.

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