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James let out a deep sigh “thank fuck for that. I wasn’t sure what to do but I knew I couldn’t stop my hard-on either”.

“Then don’t. Watch, wank or whatever, it’s all good. I don’t mind and I’m sure Richard doesn’t’ either” Adam replied.

“mmphhhph” groaned Richard in approval.

James kept watching the two sweaty men in front of him, Adam had closed his eyes, clearly enjoying Richard’s oral talents. Richard’s cock was rock solid and dripping precum. James started to stroke his own cock slowly, taking his time, taking in all of this new experience.

He felt he was near losing control so stopped. He got off the bench, crouched down and started to suck Richard who didn’t miss a beat while sucking Adam.Adam opened his eyes to see his friend at work on Richard’s cock. “Good man” chuckled Adam and he reached down to ruffle James’s hair in approval.

“mmmm hmmm” James mumbled not wanting to take Richard’s cock out of his mouth to reply.

Adam let out a deep contented sigh. He was naked, getting a fantastic blow job. He got his close mate to strip off and step out of his comfort zone. Adam opened his eyes and enjoyed watching Richard and James at work. He put his hands on Richard’s head and guided him up and down his cock. Richard moaned in submission. They’d done this enough to know it was time.

Everyone is cumming!

“I’m going to cum…” Adam said softly while Richard continued to suck. Adam let out a deep groan. “unnnnnh…..fuck!” he shouted as his entire body tensed and shot several thick spurts of his hot spunk in Richard’s willing mouth.

“mmmmmmmmmm” Richard moaned, not missing a beat on Adam’s cock while at the same time letting go and cumming in James’s mouth.

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James didn’t miss a beat either, pulled Richard’s cock deeper into his throat, and took in every last drop of his spunk. He rather felt like he was swallowing Adam’s cum as it travelled through Richard. It was something he’d never even contemplated before, but now, in this situation, it was all different and somehow, it just felt right. He let the last few spurts land on his face before sucking out the last drops of Richard’s spunk.

The three of them let themselves calm down in silence while James and Richard licked up the last bits of hot spunk from Adam’s still rock hard cock.

James arose and sat back on the bench, somewhat dazed at what he’d just done in front of his mate. Richard stood up, and gave Adam a long deep kiss letting Adam have a taste of his own cum.

Richard pulled back and said, “paid in full darling!” and the three laughed. “right, time to shower and get back to work. I’ll let you two get off with each other!” and he left.

Shorts & Bottoms

Enjoying Afterglow

The pair sat there in silence for a few minutes just enjoying the afterglow.

“So?” Adam looked at James, “that was something we’ve not done together before.” James laughed, “uh yeah, not what I expected my morning to turn out like, that’s for sure.” “and how to you feel now?” Adam asked.

“Liberated” confessed James. “I’m sat here, dripping in sweat, naked, rock hard, and I’m talking to you like it’s totally natural”.

“That’s because it is!” Adam replied, “nothing that goes on in here should ever feel wrong or unnatural, and for me, it’s even nicer because I’ve done it with a mate. Naked with strangers is fine and easy, but you get a much deeper connection if you’re nude with a good buddy”.


“I certainly feel like we’ve made a closer connection as mates this morning” James admitted.

“I’m glad to hear that, I feel the same way. Now stand up and give me another hug” Adam asked.

James smiled, stood up and said “of course”.

The pair embraced. This time James pulled Adam in tight enjoying the feeling of their sweaty naked bodies pressed together. He let out a deep sigh. They continued to hold each other for a few minutes in silence.
Adam let go, looked at James and smiled.

“Fuck, I’ve still got cum on my face, don’t I?” James laughed and went to wipe it off with his hand.

“Don’t!” Adam exclaimed “let me…”

I will lick it for you

Adam leaned in and licked Richard’s cum off James’s cheek. He planted a kiss on James who didn’t resist and opened his mouth to receive Adam’s offering.

He then whispered in James’s ear “now feed me” and he worked his way down James’s body giving him gentle kisses down his chest, torso and finally took that hard cock all the way in his mouth.

“Oh fuck Adam, yes” inhaled James as he grabbed Adam’s head and guided it onto his cock.

Adam took it all in, moaning with pleasure and enjoying the sweet taste of James’s pre-cum. He moved his mouth up and down the shaft, licking it on each side, rubbing it all over his face, and gently taking each of James’s balls in his mouth, inhaling the heady musk from his crotch. He was in heaven.

James couldn’t believe his mate was sucking his cock. He’d never even considered being naked with Adam, let alone doing this!

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“Fuck you’re good at that” James said. “I’m trying my best not to lose control!”

Adam stopped for a second, looked up at James and said “I want you to lose control. Ever since I’ve known you, I’ve always wanted to know what it would be like for you to cum in my mouth, so go for it. Give it all to me.”

Happy ending

“Oh god” James gasped. “Fuck yes, I’m so close”.Adam took James’s cock back in his mouth and moved up and down quickly, his tongue working all around it. He felt his hard cock stiffen even more and he knew what he craved was about to arrive.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” screamed James as he pushed his cock even deeper into Adam’s mouth. His entire body thrusted for what seemed like forever while he shot load after load of hot cum into Adam’s willing mouth. “fuuuuuuckk!” he groaned with one last thrust and one last spurt of cum.

Adam did not let go of James’s cock, continuing to suck and savour every drop of his friend’s hot spunk. When he was finally satisfied that he couldn’t extract any more cum from that magnificent cock, he let it fall from his mouth.

He stood up and without a word kissed James deeply letting him have a taste of his own cum from inside Adam’s mouth.

James looked at Adam, “Thank you for getting me to step outside my comfort zone”.

“I’m glad I ran into you today; it was clearly meant to be!” Adam replied.

“Yep” agreed James. “and this is a great place, I’ll be back for sure”.

“Hopefully with me!” said Adam “and Richard too if you like.”

“Hell yes” James admitted “and next time I want to be in the middle!”

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