Homoerotic Photography in B&W and some Red – Nino Yap

Russian Model Mitya Ku by Nino Yap

“Mitya Ku at Carrie Models Singapore is photographed by Nino Yap and styled by Christopher Daguimol. Fashion Credits: Long coat – H&M Modern Essential Selected by David Beckham, Netted singlet – H&M, Netted brief (black) – Under9ine, Classic Denim Jacket – Topman, White brief – H&M, Jogger pants (black) – model’s own, Leopard Print Sweater – H&M, Zebra print brief – Under9ine.”

Search for more homoerotic photos continue. This time I am presenting some photos created by a photographer Nino Yap. Some of these photos are in my favorite black & white technique. However, some are not black and white. These are not “proper” color photos either. Let’s have a look

black and white photo of male model Mitya Ku by photographer Nino Yap
nude photo of a model Mitya Ku - homoerotic photography by Nino Yap for Gay Matters

Nino Yap is a talented fashion photographer -or “image maker” as he puts it- as well as a fashion stylist based in Singapore, where he captures all the models out there for business busy expanding their look-books. He also shoots a whole lot of beauty, glamour and colorful photography. No doubt you already saw plenty of his work on the blogosphere.


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