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He decided he needed to cool down and stood up.“I need have a cold shower; I’m overheating” he told Adam. Adam agreed, and they went back to the showers. They stood side by side letting the cool water pour over them. Adam noticed James wasn’t trying to hide his cock this time. He thought better of praising him about it and rather just acted as if it was nothing at all.

“That’s much better” said James as he wiped the water off himself.

“Let’s get a drink then head to the sauna”. They grabbed a bottle of water each from the lounge. Richard was nowhere to be seen. “Don’t worry, I’ll let him know we’ve taken two” said Adam.

They entered the sauna, sat opposite each other and sat in silence for a few minutes enjoying the dry heat. The light was a bit brighter than in the steam room. James and Adam soon realised they were both checking out each other’s nakedness.

Adam swigged some water, poured a little bit over his face and chest and looked at James. “So, do you feel a bit more relaxed now?”

James admitted he did. “You’ll see I’m not covering up now. Thanks for your naked hug in the steam room, it made a big difference. I guess once you’ve had a naked hug with your mate, well there’s no need to cover up your cock any longer” James laughed.

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“Maybe I have got a new naked buddy?”

“I’m very happy you feel that way” Adam replied, and I’m glad I’ve finally got to be naked with you, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but never really found the right time or the right way to bring it up.”

“I guess I really never thought about it,” countered James, “but to be honest, I can’t see why we’ve not done this before. I feel a lot more relaxed now than I did before we arrived. Hopefully my nakedness lives up to your expectation!”

“Oh, that and more” Adam replied. “Maybe I’ve got a new naked buddy?”

“I think you may have” James confirmed “although I’m doing my best right now to focus on you and not the porn on the screen!”

They both laughed.

Just then, the sauna door opened. “Alright my lovelies?” It was Richard. “Don’t mind if I join you for a bit?”

“Of course, not” the naked pair said in unison.

James pointed at Richard’s covered waist. “The towels arrive early then?”

“Yeah, I was just putting them away” said Richard. “Did you want me to get you guys a couple?”James looked at Adam and smiled. “Nah, I’m rather enjoying hanging out naked with this one actually”. Adam smiled back at James, then shot a knowing look at Richard.

Richard smiled “I guess I’m overdressed then!” He pulled off his towel, opened the sauna door and flung it out.

“Fucking hell!” James said looking at Richard’s now naked body and his very large semi hard uncut cock.

“Yeah, I got lucky when they handed out cocks” Richard admitted. “You sure did” replied James.

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Payment Time

“Well you two aren’t so bad either” added Richard, “but then I’ve seen Adam naked more than dressed. Always nice to see a mate of his, especially if they’ve got their kit off as well.”

Richard turned to Adam and said “Payment time!”. Adam winked at James who looked back quizzically, then saw what Richard meant.

Richard knelt down and took all of Adam’s cock in his mouth and began giving it a full work-over.

James smiled at Adam “oh, payment in kind I see”. Adam said “yep, and well, I don’t mind at all. I hope it’s not making you feel uncomfortable”.

James had his hand over his growing cock. He leaned into Adam and said quietly “I’m trying to hide my hard-on to be honest. I’m not really sure where to draw the line if you know what I mean”.

“Then don’t draw one and just enjoy yourself, there’s nothing to feel guilty about, trust me” suggested Adam while guiding Richard’s head up and down the length of his cock.

Fly Air Jock w/ Almost Naked

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