Here is the second part of this gay fiction – Sauna Surprise. I hope your Weekend is more exciting than current situation in Sydney lock-down. It must feel great being naked in a gay sauna right now. However, they are all closed here in Sydney at the moment. Here it is:

The pair finished their coffees and took the short walk to the sauna entrance where Adam pressed the bell. It buzzed and they went down the stairs to the reception desk.

Richard, the manger greeted Adam with a kiss and a hug – he was shirtless (as usual) and gave James a good look up and down.

“And who is your lovely friend?” Richard asked.

“I hope you don’t mind. This is my mate James; I ran into him at the coffee shop and convinced him to join me. We’ve been mates for years but he’s never been here before” explained Adam.

“Ah, then welcome James, hope you enjoy Adam’s little private sauna club!” Richard laughed. “Everything is all up and running, so make yourself at home!”

He went behind the counter, grabbed two locker keys and handed them to Adam, “There you go, numbers one and two. Enjoy!”

“Thanks, sexy” said Adam.“Cheers!” said James “but where do we pick up the towels?”

“Oh yeah….” Richard hesitated, “We’ve had a problem with our laundry service. We didn’t get a delivery yesterday and ran out three hours before we closed yesterday. They should be here by 10:30 but it’s fine. We don’t mind guys walking around naked here. Adam does all the time. Besides, I’m sure you’ve been naked before today.” Richard winked and concluded “now go strip off, relax and I might even join you in the sauna for a bit before we open.”

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James looked at Adam. “I don’t think I’ve ever been totally naked with you before, but clearly you have a reputation here” he laughed.

Hanging out naked

Adam admitted he enjoyed hanging out naked there. “Towels are for sitting on and drying off, not wearing! What’s the point of that? Guys come here for all sorts of reasons, not just to shag but to strip off, relax and be themselves. What could be more natural than us being naked together? Besides, just pretend we’ve finished a workout and we are in the showers.”

“I suppose you’re right” conceded James “but this isn’t quite like a gym shower though is it? There’s porn on the screens and guys have sex here. I would feel weird if I got hard in front of you.”

“So, what if you did? We’re gay men, we like seeing other guys naked and having sex so I’d think it was weird if you didn’t get hard” Adam laughed. “Besides I’m always up and down here, and I’m not going to stop that just because I’m with you! Now strip off dammit!”

“Ooooh, yes sir!” James laughed.

With that they went to the lockers. Adam undressed in what seemed like a flash, while James took a bit longer. Adam stood in front of James, fully nude and said “see, nothing to worry about!” James had a good look at all of Adam from his furry pecs to his flat stomach and his very relaxed uncut cock and low hanging balls.

“Now get those pants off” demanded Adam. James removed them but skilfully did so while keeping one hand over his crotch. “Fuck, you’re looking good!” Adam exclaimed. It was true, James’s smooth pecs were firm, and his six pack was defined, and he had very muscular arms. “Now move that hand!”

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“No!” James said with a smirk but in a firm tone. He could feel his cut cock twitching in his hand as a result of Adam’s flattering comments.

The pair went to the showers, James continued to be shy and hide his crotch while Adam, in his second home, was just loving the freedom and being naked with a mate.

Steam Room

They walked, dripping to the steam room. Adam’s cock was stirring at the smell of the eucalyptus scented steam. He’d never been in this early with a mate before. During these early visits he was alone. Sometimes Richard would join him, and they’d fuck each other in the steam. Richard was happy to let him in for free so long as they had sex, and Adam was just fine with that arrangement.

Today though, was different, as it was very much the ‘unknown’ with James and he rather liked that tension.

Adam opened the steam room door and ushered James in. They were enveloped by the scented steam, and the lighting was just low enough to see the benches. James was still nervous at this entirely new experience and feeling very exposed. Adam led him into the middle of the room.

“You need to relax. Just move your hand away from your cock, put your arms by your side, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. I’ll do it with you” Adam instructed.

FUKR Sheer C-Ring Jock

Inches apart

They stood inches apart, eyes closed and took some deep cleansing breaths together and enjoyed the silence for a moment.

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“Feel a bit calmer now?” asked Adam

“Yes, I do, thank you Adam” admitted James. “It’s just a bit strange and certainly not what I had planned today. But I’m glad I ran into you.”

“Me too” Adam said with a smile, “Now, come here”. He put his arms around James and pulled him in for a full on naked bodied embrace.

“Oh my!” exclaimed James with some surprise. He wasn’t expecting that to happen, but he didn’t pull away either. In fact, he suddenly felt a connection with Adam that he’d not in the past. He let it happen, wrapped his arms around Adam and enjoyed the feeling of their nude, warm and wet bodies pressed against each other.
James let out a deep sigh, “This is nice”. Adam agreed and as he pulled him in tighter and moved his hands around James sweaty back. He soon realised there was some growing pressure lower down as both their cocks started to harden.

That felt really good

James let go of Adam “Wow…that felt really good” he confessed.

“I can tell” replied Adam, pointing to James now semi erect cock just visible in the low light of the room.

“Stop it!” laughed James, you’re terrible!

They both laughed, sat down beside each other and chatted about nothing and everything for about ten minutes. The low light was suddenly replaced with the glow of a screen on the far wall coming to life. Richard had turned on the porn. There wasn’t any preamble of opening titles or credit, it was right into a five man orgy.
The sight those naked horny men on the screen didn’t help James and his growing cock.

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