The latest from Nick Sandell – Instagram Megastar

With over one million followers, Nick Sandell is undeniable one of Instagram Megastars

I don’t think I can tell you anything about Nick Sandell that you have not known already. However, this is what do you find if you type “Nick Sandell Bio” in Google Search:

Nick Sandell was born on 9th August 1993 and is an in-demand fitness model and personal trainer. … Nick Sandell is originally from New Hampshire. He has been regarded as the “sexiest man alive” by notable media outlets. He is famous for his enticing Calvin Klein underwear campaign.


He is of average stature and stands at a height of 5’10” (1.78m) tall and weighs 215lbs (98kg). For today standards he is rather “short” and, for a fashion models standards, a bit “overweight”. However, he looks great on his photos. For those thinking about having a go at modelling career the message is fairly clear. It is not about fitting into “perfect” standards. It is even not 100% about your attractiveness! However, is about your attitude and how do you feel in front of camera. If you think you can do it – then relax and try it.


Sandell is a very private person. There is no record of his relationship available to the public – to the best of my knowledge at least. If you have any information – please let me know!

Considering this is gay oriented internet site/blog there is a logical and very common question: Is Nick Sandell gay? The best answer I can offer you is – I don’t know! What I know is that he is very popular and admired among international gay population. Once you see his photos you will not be surprised by that. k

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And finally – here are some of the latest post by Nick Sandell on social media. Enjoy!

Nick Sandell - face and torso photo

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