Written by Jack Hoffman

I hope this is not just another average gay sauna erotic fiction story. Let’s see how it goes

Adam was hungover. Lying naked on top of the bed, all he could think about was a double espresso from his local café in the hopes a shot of caffeine served by his favourite sexy barista would help perk him up. He lay there, full of morning glory at the thought of a good hard fuck from the barista. As much as he wanted to jerk off to that thought, he wanted the coffee more. “Coffee first, cum later” he said to himself. He dragged himself out of bed, had a quick shower, dressed and was out of the door ten minutes later.

He was pleased to see the café wasn’t too busy. he walked right up to the counter and was greeted with the inspiration behind his morning hard on.

“Morning mate, you look like you need your usual more than ever today!” he teased.

Adam rolled his eyes and replied “You’re not wrong! Who in their right mind holds a corporate event on a Sunday night? I’m so glad I took today off!”

“Here you go handsome, enjoy your coffee!”

With that he turned away while Adam admired the way the barista’s tight trousers framed his bubble butt. He definitely had the hangover horn!

Adam was pleased to see his favourite seat was free. From there he could survey the entire place and watch the world go by. He sipped his coffee, picked up his phone and checked his socials. Just the usual stuff; friends posting selfies, more cats in boxes and inane memes.

Harness Straps

The café was coming to life with the city workers dropping in, picking up their orders and heading off. That was usually him, but today he didn’t have to worry about work. He just hoped the coffee would blow away the hangover fog. He picked up his phone again and fired up Gaydar. Normally he wouldn’t have time to see who was in the area, but he did today. He liked to play the yes/no game with the grid of photos that appeared. He scored them silently, “yes…yes…no…no…no way…have done….yes….twice…”

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He stopped when he noticed a new and very familiar face on the Gaydar app. It was one of his best mates, James. He’d never seen him on there before!

Adam was always of two minds when his friends appeared on the gay apps. He used his own face and did his best to be totally honest on his profiles. So, he was hesitant in clicking on friend’s profiles in case they found it weird he was looking at them. That said, he always wanted to see most of his mates naked, so sometimes curiosity got the better of him.

He took another sip of his coffee trying to decide if he should risk it or not. Just as he was about to put down his phone, he had a notification on the app. It was from James! “I guess I don’t have to worry now” Adam thought, and he opened the message.

What’s a slut like you doing in a place like this?

Adam laughed, then realised James must be nearby. He started to reply to the message when heard a voice.

“You know, you could just talk to me in real life” James said as he sat down beside Adam.

They both laughed and gave each other a quick hug.

“You’re a bit casual today…you taking the day off?” asked James

“Yeah, I knew I’d be in a bit of a state today after a work event last night, so I figured I’d just take today off and chill out” explained Adam. “I could ask the same of you!”

James replied, “A quiet Sunday pint turned into a lot more than that. We had a bit of a lock in, and I’m suffering today.”

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Adam laughed and pointed to what was clearly James’s gym bag. “So, are you going to work off the booze or have just come back from the gym?”

James explained, “I figured I’d go to the gym early, do some weights and cardio, then spend the morning using the steam and sauna there. To be honest, it was really the steam and sauna I wanted but pushed myself a bit, just to get the blood pumping, only to find they were both turned off for maintenance work”

“Aw that’s shitty, all that work and no reward” Adam replied. James agreed. “Well, I was planning on a steam and sauna after my coffee here.” Adam continued.

James asked, “oh yeah, which gym is that then?”

“Oh, it’s not a gym…” giving James a knowing look.

“Ha! Trust you…” laughed James “where is this place anyway?”

“City Steam, around the corner from here”

“Oh really? It looked closed to me when I walked past it on the way here. I’ve never been to those places anyway” admitted James

“I know the manager, and he always lets me in early. He’ll be there now “said Adam.

“Nice to have a mate on the inside, as it were” laughed James. Well I’ll let you finish your coffee and get on with it. We should get together soon and catch up.”

“Do you need to be anywhere now?” asked Adam. James admitted he didn’t. “Join me then! You said you wanted a steam and sauna at the gym, so this is perfect. The manager won’t mind, trust me.”

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“Adam this is a gay sauna though” James emphasised, trying to put all the things that are associated with those sorts of places in one word.

Adam laughed “yes, it is, but no one else will be there, so treat it like we’ve had a workout together first, then a sauna. It won’t be any different, other than it will be all ours for a while”.

“I suppose. Well I’ve got extra set of trunks in my kit bag anyway, so sure, why not?” James agreed.

“Uh, no fucking way are you wearing trunks my friend. It’s a towel or nothing. That’s what’s great about gay saunas!” Adam explained.

“But I’ve never used a steam or sauna in just a towel. My gym has shower cubicles and it’s a mixed sauna. Wouldn’t it be weird for us to be naked like that after knowing each other for so long?” questioned James “I’m not a fan of open showers and would never use one with someone I knew!”

“Why should it be weird? We’ve been shirtless on the dance floor, on the beach in shorts and nothing else. It’s only one little step further. Besides, there’s towels. If you’re that worried, you can shower first, then wrap up in a towel to protect your modesty!” Adam suggested.

“Fair enough” admitted James “and it would nice to have a proper catch up anyway and I was really looking forward to the steam and sauna in my gym, so fine, let’s do it’.

“Excellent!” smiled Adam.

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