Brief News – March against homophobia staged in Barcelona

March against homophobia staged in Barcelona week after gay man Samuel Luiz beaten to death

Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Barcelona on Friday evening in one of several events planned for the weekend in honor of Samuel Luiz. A gay Spanish man who was beaten to death last week.

The rally in the Catalonia capital was organized by several local pro-LGBT and anti-hate groups. Police put the attendance at around 500. The organizers said as many as 2,500 joined the procession. It started at 5pm local time and lasted for several hours. 

The activists waved various Pride-themed flags and carried banners with slogans denouncing homophobia and supporting freedom causes including “We are not macho, but we are many,” “Liberty or death” and “My pen is my sword.”

A large banner reading “Enough LGBTI-phobia, for critical and combative pride” in Catalan was carried in front of the marching crowd. Some participants dressed up in what looked like fantasy cosplay costumes for the occasion.

The protest was one of several planned in Spain this weekend in memory of Luiz. The 24-year-old was brutally beaten to death last week in the northwestern city of A Coruna in the Galicia autonomous community. Witness accounts say his murder was a heinous hate crime.

The death sparked mass protests across the country earlier this week. Thousands of people joining rallies in several large cities. Some people want the street where the crime was committed to be renamed after Luiz, so that his tragic death is remembered.

The police, who are yet to announce the official cause of the tragedy, have made six arrests in their investigation so far. The latest two reported hours before the protest in Barcelona. Four adults, including one woman, and two minors have been taken into custody in connection with the case over the last week.

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Spanish police arrest two underage suspects over high-profile murder of gay man beaten to death

Two more arrests have been made in connection with the brutal murder of a Spanish gay man, which sparked massive protests this week. The victim, Samuel Luiz, was beaten to death in a suspected hate assault.

The arrests of the underage suspects, which were announced by the Spanish national police on Friday, brings to six the number of people taken into custody as part of the investigation. Three people were arrested in connection with the case on Tuesday and another one on Thursday. The four suspects are all in their early 20s, police reported. It seems that homophobia is the reason for the crime.

Luiz, a 24-year-old gay man from the northwestern city of A Coruna in the Galicia autonomous community, was assaulted early on Saturday morning. He died from injuries after being taken to a hospital. The attack happened outside a nightclub, where he and his female friends were enjoying a chance to finally party after Covid-19 restrictions were lifted for nightlife in the region.

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