Gay Bara – Manga – “Big Hero 6: Helping a Buddy Out” – III

Hello everyone! Thanks for your patience. We have made it to part III of this erotic story and drawings. For those that missed previous posts here are the links: PART I and PART II

Let’s try to establish what are “Bara” and “Yaoi” and who and where are their fans. Based on your response to similar posts here, this is very popular type of entertainment among gay population. This type of posts is taking three out of top ten posts here since start of this year.

While the topics covered in Japanese anime and manga are seemingly endless, if recent hits like Yuri on Ice, or My Brother’s Husband are any indication, gay and homoerotic relationships fill an extremely popular niche in manga plot-lines.

But, My Brother’s Husband (which was was remade last year into an NHK drama) and Yuri on Ice are only the tip of the iceberg. Get ready to blush, gasp and “kyaaa!” as we delve into why gay manga is so popular, and how to navigate an already huge international fandom.

Gay manga subgenres: BL and Bara

Gay manga has two major subgenres. Not to mention the huge variety of plot-lines ranging from futuristic dystopian societies to gay cops fighting crime and finding love. Yuri on Ice and My Brother’s Husband are good examples of these two sub-genres. 

Yuri on Ice, a light-hearted love story between a retired master Russian figure skater and his Japanese apprentice. It falls under “BL,” or “Boys’ Love” which is a direct translation of shonen’ai (少年愛—literally, “boy love”) an older term for BL manga that fell out of usage in Japan.

Another disappearing term for BL is yaoi. This is said to come from the Japanese expression yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi, or “no climax, no fall, no meaning.” It is to jokingly describe how BL is often critiqued for a lack of actual plot.

Among Western readers, yaoi tends to connote BL works that have more explicit scenes. Shonen’ai is still sometimes used to refer to tamer gay manga series. In some you watch an entire series only for the main couple to kiss. Six hours… for a kiss.

If popular BL series like Gakuen Heaven, Shungiku Nakamura’s Junjo Romantica, and Maki Murakami’s Gravitation are any indicator, BL characters are usually more willowy and traditionally “pretty.” There’s even a word for this style of male beauty: 美少年 (bishonen or “beautiful boy”). Flowers, tearful love confessions and slow-motion hugging scenes abound within the BL subgenre.

Well, that would be enough of my “educational” bit for today. I know you are just like me – prefer the graphical part. So, here it is:

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