Getting Fit – Fitspiration of the Month – Gerald Koh

Amazing story about Gerald Koh from Singapore – Great Fit-Spiration!

At his heaviest, Gerald weighed over 100kg. Finding fitting clothes was a daily chore for him and his blood pressure and cholesterol levels were off the charts. Even something as simple as walking up a flight of stairs would wear him out.

When I was overweight, I honestly felt devoid of any energy or drive to do anything even remotely physical.

Teased about his appearance for much of his life, the breaking point came when he found out his college mates were making Mean Girl worthy comments about him behind his back.

A friend of mine revealed that people were excluding me from gatherings and making fun of me. They would call me names like “irritating fat blob”.

It hurt very deeply, especially since some of the comments were made by people I considered nice.

Gerald Koh before his amazing transformation

Determined to prove his detractors wrong, Gerald set his mind on transforming himself.

The next day, I threw all the junk food out of my room and spent the day pouring over what fitness information I could find on Google.

Completely new to the world of fitness and dieting, Gerald relied solely on the internet for help. He ended up buying a ton of unnecessary supplements and even sustained leg injuries due to excessive cardio which continue to haunt him till today.

I didn’t hire a personal trainer and was basically a diet and fitness newbie. So I was basically experimenting with random training programmes I found online.

However, his drive to lose weight never wavered and his efforts eventually paid off. Within 8 months, Gerald managed to shed off most of his excess weight. And to attain the kind of physique that most men could only dream of.

Sudden change – on the path towards a vegan lifestyle

Then in July last year, a chance encounter with a few hidden camera abattoir footage clips on YouTube became the spark which set Gerald on the path towards a vegan lifestyle. 

Appalled at the shocking footage of what went on inside slaughterhouses, Gerald investigated the issue further with a few choice documentaries such as Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives and Food Matters. 

I was still worried about things like nutritional deficits and fitness performance, but after finding a huge number of successful vegan fitness personalities online, I thought I’d start with a one month challenge to give this lifestyle a shot.

What was supposed to be merely a one-month challenge ended up with Gerald completely adopting the vegan lifestyle.

Gerald Koh exercising – fitness

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