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We all joke and fantasize about Daddy/Son relationships. However not all of us have experienced what it is like to be in one. We were recently asked a question by one of our readers to shed some light on the topic on Daddy and Son role-play, relationships, dreams, and fantasies.

We all have seen this type of scene in porn countless times. The typical cute young boy is extremely attracted to his stepdad and one day he gets caught spying on his stepdad changing. His daddy doesn’t get mad at him. Instead, he doesn’t hold back and ram’s his boy’s tiny ass and tight hole.

That’s what porn shows us. But what is it really like?

We decided to ask a “daddy” (Manuel Skye) and a “son” (Luke Truong) what Daddy and Son relationships are like!

This is what Gay Pornstar Manuel Skye had to say about the topic:

“Lol… I’ve been doing this since I started porn…

It’s funny cause as young man I was attracted to older men. We did not call them Daddy back then. And now that I am older, I am attracted to younger men. 

The fun thing about it is not actually the role play, but the nurturing side of it. For a younger man it is amazing to know he will be well taken care of with someone of experience. And for the Daddy, it is an amazing opportunity to share a bit of his wisdom by making sure his partner is at ease and do everything to please him, using his skills. Mostly by simply reading body language”

We then asked him if he did not like term daddy and he responded with:

“Haha… I played the role really well after my porn friends pinpointed how much of a daddy behavior I had with all the young actors on set; nurturing, guiding, teaching, leading, eventually banging them real good too 😂”

We were really impressed with Manuel Skye’s perspective as a daddy. However, there is always two sides to every story. Therefore, we wanted to ask the “son” in this relationship/

Here is what Luke Truong had to say about the matter:

“My thoughts on a daddy/son!! First I have never been in a Daddy and Son relationship. I can’t really say anything about that part but when it comes to the sexual part like role play or fantasy I do have some thoughts on that. First, the fantasy and why it’s so hot.

Thinking about having a more mature man inside of me knowing that my hole is for him to breed as he is the alpha makes me cock hard.  Wanting to please a man that knows what he wants and knowing that in return I will feel good no matter what happened.

The taboo factor of thinking that a man or the concept of the man that could have created you and now uses you for his pleasure. It’s the letting go of what you want and wanting what he wants.

I think the daddy/son relationships that gay men develop is a good thing in my opinion. I have never been in a relationship/dated someone I considered a daddy. But I have been in friendships with people I mentally considered to be a daddy. And the truth is that I really did learn a lot from those men who took me in, then fucked me and used me.

They taught me stuff

They taught me stuff that I didn’t learn from my dad. And they took me places that I have never been to. Not saying my dad wasn’t a great man because he is amazing and works his ass off. Just saying that a daddy and son relationship in a gay man’s world, to me, was more like a mentor and person that I listened to because truthfully, they have been through it all. Being a younger gay man I have respected the daddies in my life that paved the path for the younger generation to be us !!!

So in a way the daddies that have fucked me and used me didn’t create me as a human being but did create the gay community that I live in now.

So get on your knees boy,  make sure the men that paved the path for us get served ;)”

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